Ads for sex toys taken off the ice at Olympic curling qualifier | Olympic Games


“We hoped that our visibility would help to break the taboo that still rests in many countries both on sexuality and on our industry,” Idema said. “It is unfortunate that adjustments are now needed to make the sport accessible to fans.”

According to the company, when the tournament resumes on Saturday, “nearly all” EasyToys logos – which depict a pair of hearts nestled in the company name – will be removed from inside and around the rink. It will remain on a sheet and the pig lines will remain “EasyToys pink”.

Instead, the ice cream will feature the hashtag calling for equality.

“With this slogan, we always want to start the conversation about sexual well-being and the importance of safe and enjoyable sex for everyone,” Idema said. “In many countries this conversation is already well underway, but the boycott confirms that we must continue to work on this topic to standardize it for a wider audience.”

The event in Leeuwarden, around 90 minutes north of Amsterdam, is a last-ditch qualifier that will send two mixed doubles teams and three each in men’s and women’s to Beijing in February. The United States and Australia qualified in mixed doubles; there is no American team in the other divisions because the Americans had already qualified for the Winter Games.

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