Aside from the “Family Games”, Card is coming home


Coming home for the holidays is important to Kelsey Card. Although she is somewhat of a world traveler thanks to her prowess as a discus thrower, Card enjoys settling down on her family farm near Carlinville when she can.

At home, she can relax, visit family and friends, and participate in important family traditions, like the annual Card Family Games.

And when she returns to Macoupin County, the two-time Olympian will be honored on Dec. 27 at the annual Carlinville Christmas basketball tournament. A two-time Olympic discus thrower, Card traveled to the pandemic-delayed Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and the 2020 Olympics earlier this year in Tokyo.

But first, after all. The 2021 Family Card Games took place on Thanksgiving Day. The turkey and mashed potatoes, as well as the honors, could wait. Intense activities such as the family free throw contest, the fireworks shot quote and of course, the frozen grape spit contest.

They weren’t among the events in the Tokyo Olympics, but on Thanksgiving in the Plainview countryside, these are pretty important things.

“We have a lot of fun with that, but being Cards we’re also pretty competitive,” said Card, who will be making another trip home for Christmas after visiting last month for Thanksgiving. “I didn’t do very well at the Games this year.”

A 2011 graduate of Carlinville High School, Card went on to play at the University of Wisconsin. In 2016, she won the individual discus title at the Big Ten Conference Championships and NCAA National Championships en route to the Summer Olympics.

She is now married, has a master’s degree from the Marriage and Family program at Edgewood College, and has her own marriage and family therapy consultancy in Madison, Wisconsin.

At this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, Card finished out of qualifying in 28th place. She finished 25th at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Carlinville’s favorite Olympian is delighted to return.

“Nothing beats being at home with the people I grew up with,” Card said. “It is important and very significant.”

Between the Card Family Games and the Christmas trip home, however, Card has another big task ahead of her. She is studying for an important exam as part of her certification as a therapist.

“I have my own practice,” she says, “but I also have a supervisor as part of my training. I must pass this test.

As part of the process, she studied carefully, while conducting therapy sessions.

“I’m about 80% virtual and 20% in person in therapy sessions,” she said.

Card can quickly tell you exactly when that important national exam is.

“December 17th at 11:15 am,” she said.

And once her test is done, she’ll be ready to go home.

“The exact departure for the house is to be determined, she said.” I could leave the next day and my husband could come then or he could come later.

Either way, Kelsey Card will be home for Christmas. She didn’t want it any other way.

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