Athletes and national committees eagerly register for the Beijing Winter Olympics, despite calls for a “boycott” from some politicians: FM


Visitors take photos of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games flame displayed at the Olympic Tower near the National “Bird’s Nest” Stadium in Beijing on October 23, 2021. The public will be able to book tickets to visit the flame, which landed in Beijing on October 20 from Athens, Greece. Photo: VCG

A so-called boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics harmed the interests of athletes who trained hard for four years and also harmed the interests of the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic family, said Zhao Lijian, spokesperson. word of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, in response to recent calls by some politicians to “boycott” the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The Beijing Winter Olympics are a platform for athletes to pursue their dreams and a treat for winter sports enthusiasts. It is also a platform for people around the world to strengthen their friendship under the banner of the Olympics, Zhao said at a routine press conference on Friday.

Recently, a group of Lithuanian politicians called on the country’s government, its National Olympic Committee and its athletes to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics after China downgraded the country’s diplomatic status due to the continued provocation of the Lithuania on Taiwan.

Previously, US President Joe Biden has also reportedly considered a boycott of the Games for “human rights” reasons.

Zhao noted on Friday that according to data from the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, as of November 17, he had received more than 14,000 applications from the EU, US United States and Australia, including 1,528 from the United States. Committee.

Athletes around the world have expressed their expectation for the Beijing Games, despite calls for a “boycott” by some politicians, Zhao said.

China strongly believes that under the leadership of the Olympic spirit, more people in the international community would oppose the politicization of the Olympics and strongly support the Beijing Winter Olympics. China will work with the IOC and each country to present a “safe, simple and splendid event,” Zhao said, noting that all political tactics that go against the Olympic spirit will be extinguished and the Olympic flame which represents peace and love will burn in the national stadium.

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