Bee Cave will support local road signs and provide funds to Special Olympics Texas


The Bee Cave City Council approved several ordinances related to transportation, development and the use of hotel occupancy funds for Special Olympics Texas at the November 8 city council meeting.

Bee Cave will take control of traffic lights on national highways

Operation and maintenance of existing traffic lights on the highway. 71, RM 620, and RM 2244 that fall within the Bee Cave city limits will be taken over from the Texas Department of Transportation following a unanimous Board decision at the meeting.

At their regular meeting on June 28, the board first approved the agreement with TxDOT. The new resolution allows City Manager Clint Garza to execute an agreement with the department.

While traffic signal maintenance will be done by the city, working with contractors, the State of Texas will reimburse all costs incurred on the signals for a flat rate of $90,552 per year.

There are four national highways that circle or pass through the town of Bee Cave.

Although some of the existing signal maintenance work is contracted out to the state, there is a direct line of communication between residents and city staff that does not exist between residents and TxDOT, officials said. city ​​officials.

The staff believes it is “appropriate to partner with the state in taking on this role in an effort to provide exceptional service to our residents and guests while maintaining a strong partnership with our region.” [TxDOT] representatives”, According to city documents.

Below Texas Government Code 79, local authorities can enter into contracts with each other and with public bodies for the provision of government functions and services.

“I think this community is very ready for [the city of Bee Cave] resume signals; I know I am personally ready for you to take over the signals,” said Bee Cave Mayor Kara King.

Preliminary plan for Sanctuary development in Spanish Oaks approved by Council

A preliminary plan for an undeveloped 21.80-acre parcel located at 13025 Flowering Senna Bend, Austin, was approved at the meeting.

When developed, the land, called Sanctuary at Spanish Oaks, will include a 10-lot subdivision with eight large single-family lots, a private street lot and a drainage/open space lot, according to city documents.

The future Sanctuary development in Spanish Oaks is located south of the Galleria shops and north of the Spanish Oaks Golf Club, according to city documents.

The Spanish Oaks Sanctuary land was annexed as part of a larger 92,425-acre land owned by Synchro Realty LLC during the City council of June 28.

Preliminary plans are submitted to municipal governments to show a map and features of a proposed development. A final dish will need to be presented to the council before construction can begin.

Board approves use of hotel occupancy funds for Special Olympics Texas 2023

The Board unanimously approved $200,000 in hotel occupancy funds for Special Olympics Texas 2023 at the meeting.

This will be the second consecutive year Special Olympics Texas has requested hotel occupancy funds from Bee Cave; the organization has received approval for $100,000 from the city for the Special Olympics 2022.

Special Olympics Texas is scheduled for Feb. 17-19 and will bring needed revenue to Sonesta Bee Cave, Austin, general manager John Dallas said.

“February for us, historically, is not a very busy month from an occupancy perspective,” Dallas said. “Occupancy varies from 30% to 50% to 60% in the best years.”

The weekend before the Special Olympics last February, Sonesta was at 50% occupancy, he said; however, the weekend of the event they were 100% occupancy and sold out for Friday and Saturday night.

“From a revenue perspective, that was over $85,000 in room revenue for the weekend,” Dallas said.

Bee Cave Mayor Kara King said she is concerned that Special Olympics Texas will seek the same amount of hotel occupancy tax revenue from Bee Cave as of Lakebecause Lakeway has more hotel space for Olympic participants.

“We’re asking for double because we have double the number of entries, double the number of days, double the number of venues and double the hotel nights needed,” said Chad Eason, Senior Director of Competitions and Special Olympics Texas games.

Eason also stated that although Lakeway has more hotel space than Bee Cave, the games would primarily be held at Bee Cave; as a result, most spectator money spent on food, drink and shopping this weekend would be at Bee Cave.

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