Beijing to offer Olympic tickets to ‘selected’ spectators due to pandemic


BEIJING — Only “selected” spectators will be allowed into the Beijing Olympics next month due to the coronavirus pandemic, organizers said Monday.

Beijing had previously announced that no fans from outside the country would be allowed to attend the events and had not offered tickets to the general public.

Monday’s announcement posted on the Organizing Committee’s website confirmed expectations that the Winter Games would have few spectators at venues, under even stricter conditions than those imposed at the Summer Olympics. last year in Tokyo.

China has largely avoided major virus outbreaks with a lockdown regime, mass testing for COVID-19 and travel restrictions, though it continues to battle power surges in several cities, including the port of Tianjin. , about an hour from Beijing. The capital itself confirmed over the weekend that a 26-year-old woman had contracted the omicron variant of the virus and tested more than 13,000 people for cases of cross transmission.

In its press release, the organizing committee indicated that its measures were aimed at “creating a pleasant environment for the holding of the Games”.

“Given the difficult and complicated work of controlling the epidemic and protecting the health and safety of those involved in the Games, the original plan to offer tickets to the general public has been modified for group spectators. selected,” the statement said.

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