Campfire restrictions come into effect at Olympic National Park


Campfire restrictions come into effect at the Olympic National Park / NPS file

Unusually dry forest conditions in Olympic National Park and nearby Olympic National Forest in Washington State are resulting in a campfire restriction that will only allow campfires in metal rings at venues, campgrounds or designated picnic areas.

The restriction, which takes effect Monday, includes the coastal areas of the national park. Gas or propane camp stoves can still be used in backcountry wilderness and campgrounds, but should be used well away from flammable vegetation and forest debris. Extreme caution is advised with any open flame.

This move to phase 1 fire restrictions is due to the extremely dry conditions which are expected to continue; the need to align with state and county campfire restrictions; the current commitment of firefighting resources battling numerous wildfires across the country; and the pressure that any new uncontrolled fire would put on these resources. The Northwest region and nation remain at a Readiness Level 3 (PL-3). The majority of firefighting resources are already deployed due to the high amount of wildfire activity across the country.

Prior to the recent heat wave, precipitation levels were already below average this year, increasing the risk of wildfires in western Washington state. Recent record-breaking temperatures felt in the Pacific Northwest have led to faster drying, quickly raising the statewide fire danger to levels not typically seen at this time of year.

The public is urged to be aware of the high fire danger and take precautions to ensure fire safety. Visitors to public lands should always exercise caution to avoid human-caused wildfires. To reduce the risk, please consider the following:

  • Fireworks are still prohibited on federal public lands.
  • Before you go camping, find out about any new restrictions that may be in place.
  • If you smoke, always dispose of cigarette debris in some type of ashtray.

To report a fire, dial 911.

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