Can the Olympiques propel Josh Ho-Sang into the NHL?


Will competing in the Olympics propel Josh Ho-Sang into the Toronto Maple Leafs roster for the playoffs?

Even though the Olympics won’t feature any NHL players this year, being named to the Team Canada Olympic Roster is still a big moment for Josh Ho-Sang.

The former first-round pick had his share of ups and downs, but his skill was never in question.

In 53 career NHL games, all with the Islanders, Ho-Sang’s performance was good, scoring 24 points, but he could never break into a full-time roster.

As a result, he decided to take charge of his game, before receiving a call from the Toronto Maple Leafs for a pro tryout (PTO).

Ho-Sang deserves an NHL opportunity

As mentioned earlier, these aren’t your typical Olympics, but if Ho Sang didn’t say and do the right things this year, he wouldn’t have been invited. His mindset and mentality to improve and eventually return to the NHL showed through his play with the Toronto Marlies this year.

As you can see by Jason Spezza’s remarks above, the big club cares about him. You probably wouldn’t think Leafs players would pay much attention to the Marlies, but since both teams train at the same facility, it’s more than likely a tighter organization than many others.

In 20 games with the Marlies this year, Ho-Sang has 11 goals and 20 points. His attacking abilities have been fully effective and he has shown why he was such a vaunted prospect eight years ago.

If Ho-Sang can be a top performer for Team Canada this year, Kyle Dubas should seriously consider signing him to an NHL contract to get him into the playoff roster.

The team can sign him after the regular season to an NHL contract and doing so will not affect the salary cap as there is no salary cap in the playoffs. Having him on the roster as someone who can jump into the lineup and unleash an attack will be important if depth isn’t performing well.

The right wing position is already heavy, especially now that William Nylander is playing on the third row, but injuries are still coming and Ho-Sang should be the next man.

Ho-Sang is slowly turning her career around and things seem to be going in the right direction. Hopefully he can continue on this path in the Toronto Maple Leafs organization and be an impact player for the big club sooner rather than later.

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