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The final round of the School Olympics ended here on Saturday as Rahim Yar Khan became the champions in football, Bahawalpur hockey, Multan division topped badminton and Bahawalpur teams beat their rivals in the competitions of ‘Athletics

MULTAN, (APP – UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – November 12, 2022): The last round of school Olympic Games The games ended here on Saturday as Rahim Yar Khan become the Soccer champion, Bahawalpur hockey, Multan division at the top badminton and Bahawalpur teams beat their rivals in athletics competitions.

According to the details, the last round of the school Olympic Games games organized under the aegis of the School education department, South Punjabhas come to an end.

In the boys category, Bahawalpur Nawab team defeated Bahawal Nagar in hockey final game.

In the girls category, Bahawalpur team also beat Bahawal Nagar in hockey.

In Soccer final, Rahim Yar Khan defeated Multan division. In badminton boy category, Vehari to beat Bahawalpur. In the picture tennis and Multan remained in the lead in the girls’ category.

Bahawal Nagar won the final against Rajanpur In the picture tennis boys category and Khanewal defeated Bahawalpur in the girl category. Bahawalpur division teams won 14 gold12 silver and 15 bronze medals in athletic competitions.

The school closing ceremony Olympic Games 2022 took place at plank of Education Multan sports ground.

The ceremony was chaired by the school secretary Education South Punjab Dr Ehtesham Anwar while Senator Aoun Abbas Buppi were the chief guest.

MPA Muhammad Nadeem Qureshi, Salim Akhtar Labar and Wasif Mazhar Raan, Additional Secretaries of Education South Secretariat Punjab Ata-ul-Haq, Agha Zaheer Abbas Shirazi, Tariq Mehmood Awan and Ansar Kamal Syal and others were present.

A large number of students, players, teachers and parents were present.

Addressing the ceremony, Senator Aoun Abbas Buppi said that a healthy society only exists through healthy activities. School Olympic Games was an initiative to promote good habits, positive thinking, stamina, discipline, and recreational opportunities among Southern students Punjab.

These competitions would also become a cause for awareness in backward and disadvantaged areas, Buppi added.

School secretary Education South Punjab Dr Ehtesham Anwar said that sports were a great source of maintaining energy, health, activity and security of diseases. The five day school Olympic Games was a first of its kind and a unique set of competitions held in the style of the International Olympic Games in which hundreds of players of everything four provinces and 11 districts in the South Punjab including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan participated. Such events will also continue in the future, he added.

AMPs Nadeem Qureshi, Saleem Labar and Wasif Raan also spoke on this occasion and highlighted the promotion of sports for a healthy society.

During the closing ceremony, medals and trophies were distributed to players from the South Punjab for their better representation at school Olympic Games Games and the school flag Olympic Games was handed over to the district Bahawalpur for the next year.

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