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BEIJING, January 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A report from Science and Technology Daily:

At January 4just one month before the opening ceremony of the beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, investigated preparations for the Games.

From the National Speed ​​Skating Oval, in Olympic Forest Park, to the Main Media Center (MMC) and the Athletes’ Village; from the Games-time Operations Command Center in Shougang Park to the Erqi Factory Training Base for Ice and Snow Sports near Lugou Bridge, this is the fifth inspection by Xi of the preparatory work for the Games.

Making the smoothest ice and the prettiest sights

The National Speed ​​Skating Oval, also known as the “Ribbon of Ice”, is as transparent as crystal. Its facade is made up of 3,360 pieces of curved glass, and the curtain wall is surrounded by 22 luminous ribbons that float like “ribbons”.

Another implication of “Ice Ribbon” is that the figure of the speed skater accelerating on the ice is as light as a ribbon. When the hard ice meets the soft curve, the combination of hardness and softness of the “ice tape” will add special attraction to the Winter Olympics.

The National Speed ​​Skating Oval is the only newly constructed ice sports venue in beijing competition area and will organize speed skating competitions during the Winter Olympics.

In order to ensure both domestic and overseas competitors have a top performance at the Beijing Winter Olympics, the competition venue has also made breakthroughs in event security with the help of science and technology. technology.

In order to make the “smoothest ice”, “Ice Ribbon” adopts the world’s most advanced ice making technology transcritical carbon dioxide direct cooling ice technology. The seamless stainless steel pipe is laid under the ice, and the liquid carbon dioxide flows into the steel pipe to ensure that the temperature difference on the ice does not exceed 0.5℃. The smaller the temperature difference, the smoother the ice surface will be. This is also more conducive to athletes sliding.

Such new technology is relatively easy to implement on a small rink, while the National Speed ​​Skating Oval has the largest fully iced design in the Asia, with an area of ​​nearly 12,000 square meters. This technology is unprecedented for current Winter Olympics speed skating venues. Through repeated testing and improvement, the total ice surface has reached the design requirements of ice making for the speed skating track at January 2021.

Recently, with the launch of the “Super Brain”, the “Ice Ribbon” has been integrated into a smart place. With access to 36 systems and nearly 100,000 real-time data points, he can “feel, breathe, remember and think”.

Offer a smart and safe home

MMC and the Olympic villages are important elements to test the service capacity of major international events.

Zhang Wenlei, site manager of MMC, said MMC is the headquarters for print media and registered broadcasters. After the start of the Games, the venue is expected to accommodate 5,000 to 6,000 accredited journalists and Rights-Holding Broadcasters (RHBs) per day, providing service 24 hours a day and throughout the process of registration, interview, dissemination, technology, transportation, accommodation and epidemic prevention. , among others.

Hundreds of robots are ready to take up their position at MMC. During the Games, they will provide services such as patrolling, delivery, wayfinding, disinfection and waste disposal. In the smart restaurant, there will be about 120 food robots serving thousands of people at the same time. By scanning the QR code via mobile phones, accredited journalists can easily enjoy 24-hour catering service.

Epidemic prevention and control become crucial due to the prevailing COVID-19. The Beijing Winter Olympic Village hosts athletes and team officials during the Games. It is expected to host 1,670 athletes and team officials from 54 countries and regions.

In the Winter Olympic Village athlete accommodation suite, disinfection of the bedroom, bathroom and living room includes 22 steps. In addition, a polyclinic with a construction area of ​​1,500 square meters is opened in the village, with 18 disciplines including emergency, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, imaging, traditional Chinese medicine and dentistry. During the Games, it will be open 16 hours a day for basic outpatient services and 24 hours a day for emergency medical needs.

Bringing a century-old industrial heritage back to life

President Xi also visited the Erqi Factory training base for ice and snow sports, which was transformed in 2018 from a 120-year-old integrated industrial heritage. Skating Hall, ice sports training for athletes can achieve digitization and intelligence. Bringing anti-dizziness trainer for pilot training, six degrees of freedom training halls can realize simulated training on snow in summer.

In the Erqi factory, the power of science and technology has revitalized ice and snow sports. Wind tunnel labs can help athletes reduce drag, domestic bobsleigh is made of new materials, mobile dental vehicles and mobile surgery vehicles can realize one-stop medical protection. Ice and snow sports R&D is integrated into China independent innovations.

Through science and technology, the development of China ice and snow sports have been continuously improved. As President Xi Jinping has pointed out, “we should take advantage of the beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics to promote the development of competitive sports and eventually stimulate the development of ice and snow sports. »

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