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Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night Football will feature voice-activated squad, Alexa player stats and Fire TV


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Prime Video will enhance its first NFL livestream on Thursday night with real-time voice-activated game data from Fire TV and Alexa.

Fans watching the stream via Fire TV can access live stats and analytics provided by Prime Video’s X-Ray tool for TNF. Viewers can simply say “Alexa, open X-Ray” and they’ll receive game information usually reserved for coaches and broadcasters, such as a quarterback’s average time before passing or the average separation distance of a quarterback. a receiver on the pass patterns.

Viewers can also ask Alexa football-related questions during the broadcast without interrupting the Fire TV game stream. If a fan asks, “Alexa, how many rushing yards do the Chiefs have today?” or “Alexa, who has the most tackles today?” or “Alexa, who leads the NFL in touchdowns?” answers will be provided without any interruption to the live stream. Another game day feature will allow fans to say “Alexa, play Thursday Night Football” into their Fire TV or Echo Show device, which will drop them into the live stream when the game begins.

“We’re certainly putting a lot against our marketing, as well as the power of Amazon to drive that awareness,” Jay Marine, Amazon Prime’s global head of sports, told SBJ’s Ben Fischer. “But you also have the power of the NFL, and people will want to watch this game, and we are the only place to go. For some people who haven’t really embraced streaming yet, this will be a game changer, and we just have to see how that plays out.

Marine continued, “Our job is to #1.) make sure people can’t miss it, and #2 to make that experience as easy as possible. And that’s something we’ve been working on for a long time.

Amazon Prime Video kicks off its Thursday Night Football on September 15 when the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Los Angeles Chargers. Overall, the company will offer 15 exclusive games, the first time the NFL will exclusively air games every week during a season.

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