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Horse riding will be taken off the modern pentathlon schedule at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, the sport-governing UIPM announced Thursday, with a consultation process set to begin soon to find a suitable replacement.

The move comes after German modern pentathlon coach Kim Raisner hit Annika Schleu’s horse Saint Boy at the Tokyo Games when he refused to jump a fence. The incident led to widespread criticism of the sport.

He will remain in sport for Paris 2024.

“First, we know this information will surprise and even shock you,” the Modern Pentathlon International Union said in a statement.

“It’s not been very long since we made a commitment to review and protect the equestrian discipline following the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. But life within the Olympic movement is changing rapidly.

“The decision to replace Riding comes after our UIPM Executive Committee endorsed a set of recommendations made by the UIPM Innovation Committee after a two-day meeting in Monaco last week.”

Raisner’s actions in Tokyo prompted the UIPM to disqualify her from the men’s event, while animal rights group PETA called on the International Olympic Committee to eliminate equestrian events from the Games citing cruelty in Tokyo.

Modern pentathlon has been an Olympic sport since 1912 and consists of five events: fencing, swimming, equestrian show jumping, pistol shooting and distance running.

PETA Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo welcomed the UIPM’s decision to end riding.

“PETA is delighted that the UIPM has heard from PETA and the public and chosen to make the pentathlon truly modern and human,” PETA said in a statement to Reuters.

“This is not a game for horses, and they don’t choose to compete.”

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]]> https://odfolympiad.org/modern-pentathlon-riding-abandoned-at-the-2028-la-games/feed/ 0 Rana Reider, coach of André De Grasse, investigated over allegations of sexual misconduct: reports https://odfolympiad.org/rana-reider-coach-of-andre-de-grasse-investigated-over-allegations-of-sexual-misconduct-reports/ https://odfolympiad.org/rana-reider-coach-of-andre-de-grasse-investigated-over-allegations-of-sexual-misconduct-reports/#respond Thu, 04 Nov 2021 21:39:19 +0000 https://odfolympiad.org/rana-reider-coach-of-andre-de-grasse-investigated-over-allegations-of-sexual-misconduct-reports/

Coach of Canadian sprint star Andre De Grasse is under investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct, sports organizations say.

Florida-based Rana Reider has coached the Olympic 200-meter gold medalist for the past two seasons, most notably at the 2019 world championships in Doha, where De Grasse won silver and bronze.

In a statement, Athletics Canada said it learned of the reports against the sprint coach on Wednesday through an article in the Guardian newspaper.

“We immediately referred the matter to our office of the independent commissioner for investigation,” said the sports organization.

Later Thursday, Athletics Canada said its commissioner’s office confirmed with the United States Center for SafeSport, which oversees investigations into abuse in the sport, that an investigation is underway.

CBC Sports also contacted the center but did not receive a response.

In a statement to The Globe and Mail, the center said it “does not comment on matters designed to protect the integrity of the investigative process.”

Although Reider is not a member of the organization or a Canadian citizen, he coaches Canadian athletes.

“As a result of this investigation, Athletics Canada is suspending all payment to Mr. Reider for his work with Canadian athletes pending the outcome of said investigation,” Athletics Canada said in a statement.

In a statement regarding Reider, British Athletics also said “an investigation in the United States is imminent”.

The sport’s governing body said it had “advised British athletes currently trained by it to cease all association until this process is concluded.”

Coach credited with helping De Grasse

De Grasse’s management agency, Envision Sports & Entertainment, told CBC Sports it had no comment on the reports.

The track coach was credited with helping De Grasse make the necessary changes that led to the athlete’s continued success on the track.

Reider also coached the reigning women’s 100-meter hurdles world champion Nia Ali, who is De Grasse’s partner. His Tumbleweed Track Club in Jacksonville, Florida is also the training base for Adam Gemili of Great Britain and Trayvon Bromell of the United States.

Reider’s previous training experience includes Dutch athlete Dafne Schippers and American Christian Taylor.

“Too early” to assume complaints are valid, lawyer says

Meanwhile, CNN reported that Reider’s attorney, Ryan Stevens, confirmed that SafeSport had assigned an investigator “to perform interviews and other work” for the complaints.

In a statement to CBC News, Stevens confirmed that Reider had not received notification of the agency’s allegations or evidence.

“This process has barely started in this case involving Rana. It is manifestly unfair to Rana that her hard earned reputation is dragged through the mud before any due process or investigation,” he said.

“It is far too early to assume, these days, that the fact that a complaint is made – especially if there are ulterior motives – has any validity. A full and fair investigation must be carried out, and it must be investigated. was not – not by SafeSport and not by British Athletics. “

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]]> https://odfolympiad.org/rana-reider-coach-of-andre-de-grasse-investigated-over-allegations-of-sexual-misconduct-reports/feed/ 0 Lawrence reflects on gold, living in Paris with his Olympic teammates https://odfolympiad.org/lawrence-reflects-on-gold-living-in-paris-with-his-olympic-teammates/ https://odfolympiad.org/lawrence-reflects-on-gold-living-in-paris-with-his-olympic-teammates/#respond Thu, 04 Nov 2021 21:08:00 +0000 https://odfolympiad.org/lawrence-reflects-on-gold-living-in-paris-with-his-olympic-teammates/

Canadian soccer star Ashley Lawrence has reached the peak of her international career so far with a gold medal this summer at the Tokyo Olympics.

With shootout wins over Brazil in the quarter-finals and Sweden in the final (as well as a one-goal win over the United States in the semi-final), Canada certainly did not make it easy. neither for himself nor for the heartbeats of his fans.

But now in her sixth season of play for Paris St-Germain, the pressure hasn’t really eased for the Toronto native.

“I have the impression that every week [playing in France] is pretty much like a finale, ”Lawrence said in an interview with Daily Hive. “In every game we have to earn three points… it could make the difference for us to win the league or not. It’s not that it’s more of a challenge [than the Olympics], but that’s a different challenge.

Last year, PSG won their first title after being a finalist in each of the past three seasons, ending the year with a record 20 wins, two draws and no losses. Lyon were only one point away from them, with PSG’s 1-0 home victory over rivals essentially proving to be the difference.

In an effort to reiterate their title, PSG have so far achieved a remarkable campaign in Ligue 1: seven wins, seven matches, with 23 goals scored and zero goals conceded.

“It’s important to have that grateful mindset to look back on moments of success, but not lose sight of that next task or that next goal,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence, 26, first moved to France in 2017, followed by compatriots Jordyn Huitema in 2019 and Stéphanie Labbe this summer. Lawrence said she is seizing the opportunity to place herself alongside two of her national teammates.

“I’m definitely taking this role as an older sister [to Huitema]. And I think sometimes you even forget her age because she’s been on the national team for so long, ”said Lawrence of playing with the 20-year-old, who was on the national team at. the age of 16. “But she has a long career. ahead of her, and I’m always looking to help the next generation in any way I can.

Lawrence made sure to celebrate his gold medal well last summer, with a visit back home to see his friends and family after the Games. Lawrence said that in the past her accomplishments and awards were sometimes stored, but she proudly hung it in her Paris apartment.

“It’s important to have it somewhere where it’s visible,” Lawrence said. “I can see it and just have this little reminder and just put a smile on my face.”

For now, the current challenge for the Canadians is the UEFA Champions League which seeks to crown the best team in Europe.

Currently 2-0 in their first two of their six group matches, PSG are set to face legendary Spanish club Real Madrid on November 9-18.

Between Real Madrid’s two games, it’s a major clash with Lyon that could have major implications for the final standings.

Prior to the clashes, Lawrence partnered with broadcaster DAZN as an ambassador, which will stream Champions League matches on their website as well as for free on the platform’s YouTube channel.

Lawrence is hopeful that Canadians who enjoyed watching the Olympic experience can tune in to experience PSG’s Champions League run. DAZN and Lawrence hope the partnership can help close the sports coverage and audience gap that exists.

“I want to use my voice to keep pushing and using my platform and talking about my experiences and just providing ways to continue to develop the game,” Lawrence said.

“Just the visibility, I think that was kind of the missing piece,” Lawrence added. “With a bit of luck [this partnership] is a spiral effect to have more investment and help elevate women’s football. I hope that there will be a lot of people listening and that they can experience these high level performances.

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Runners point out flaws in Athletics Canada’s ‘hard’ fundraising program https://odfolympiad.org/runners-point-out-flaws-in-athletics-canadas-hard-fundraising-program/ https://odfolympiad.org/runners-point-out-flaws-in-athletics-canadas-hard-fundraising-program/#respond Thu, 04 Nov 2021 20:34:16 +0000 https://odfolympiad.org/runners-point-out-flaws-in-athletics-canadas-hard-fundraising-program/

Charles Philibert-Thiboutot set personal bests in four outdoor events this year – his first full and healthy season in recent memory – and was confident he had earned his place in Athletics Canada’s funded athlete program.

The middle distance runner believed his place was still secured on July 25 when he finished under the automatic qualifying standard of three minutes and 35 seconds in the 1,500 meters for next year’s world championships.

But on September 24, Philibert-Thiboutot was not among the 79 able-bodied track and field athletes officially announced as part of the enhanced funding program of the Canadian Track and Field Performance Pathway, while five young runners of 1,500 without the 2022 standard have been added.

“Since 1990, only myself and five others [1,500] athletes have qualified for a major championship, ”said the Quebec native, pleading his case in a recent interview with CBC Sports. [a world championship]. These facts were ignored [by AC].

“You have athletes running 3:37, 3:38 and 3:39 [on the program]. Eight times I ran under Cameron [Proceviat’s] PB [of 3:37.31]. When you look at the facts and statistics, I don’t see how they could justify not being part of the program. “

Athletics Canada High Performance Director Simon Nathan, while stating that he would not comment on specific athletes, told CBC Sports that the CAPP program “is for athletes who we believe have the realistic advantage of [place] top eight over the next six to eight years at the World Championships or the Olympics.

“It’s a strong and hard system and there is nothing to hide, but I think it’s fair [and] fair. We take the athletes who show the most potential. “

Thirty of the 79 athletes enrolled in the program through September 30, 2022 are at the developmental level and considered by Athletics Canada to have the potential to place in the top eight in six to eight years.

Some of them are deemed eligible for a monthly stipend of $ 1,060 under the Athlete Assistance Program (Carding) of Sport Canada, a branch of the federal government that annually sends taxpayer money to AC. Canadians “to improve opportunities for all Canadians to participate and excel.” in sport.”

Monthly allowance for patent status

  • Senior certificate (SR1, SR2, SR) $ 1,765
  • Senior Injury / Illness Card (IRS) $ 1,765
  • Senior first year card (C1) $ 1,060
  • Development board (D) $ 1,060

Source: Athletics Canada

But every year, Philibert-Thiboutot estimated, five to 10 athletes fail to show the required progress on the development side and never reappear in the CAPP program while he and other established athletes, including the 2020 Olympians, are “consciously discarded”.

The remaining 49 athletes in the CAPP program are comprised of Senior Athletes (SR) who have made Olympic appearances and those designated as Senior 1 (SR1) – those who have finished in the top eight at the World Championships or Olympic Games such as Andre De Grasse, Damian Warner, Moh Ahmed, Gabriela DeBues-Stafford and Pierce LePage.

Luc Bruchet, distance runner Kate Van Buskirk and Philibert-Thiboutot are part of a group of experienced athletes who have failed to return to the CAPP program for this funding cycle. Although they have yet to win a medal at the World Championships or the Olympics, they have had a career best season in 2021.

“Cutting out veteran athletes creates a big gap in the performance of people like [2020 Olympic medallists] Moh Ahmed, Andre De Grasse and Damian Warner to development athletes, ”said Philibert-Thiboutot. “The reason developmental athletes get better is because they have people [like me, Luc and Kate] hunt. “

Luc Bruchet is not one of the athletes funded by Athletics Canada despite falling 12 seconds off his personal best in the 5,000 meters to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics last summer and demonstrating improved speed and endurance by establishing personal bests in the 1,500 mile, 5 km and 10K. (Submitted by Canada Running Series)

“What pisses me off is the medal or nothing mentality,” added Bruchet, who was most recently on the CAPP program in 2018 before breaking his left foot that year and into 2019. “[Athletics Canada] focuses on a few athletes with medal potential and others who have shown insight. How does this help create a competitive program? “

This year, the 30-year-old lost 12 seconds off his personal best in the 5,000 to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics and demonstrated improved speed and endurance by clocking his best times in the 1,500, mile, 5 km and 10 km.

“I considered a call [which costs $250] corn [AC] twists his narrative to fit his extremely subjective policies, ”the part-time Vancouver physical education and health teacher said in a telephone interview.

“I think they want the athletes to improve, not just in their main event. Should I start javelin as well?”

Philibert-Thiboutot, who was one of a handful of athletes whose appeal was dismissed by the Athletics Canada Commissioner, cited section 2.2 of the CAPP Criteria to help explain the challenge athletes are facing. confronted to build a solid case.

He refers to the assessment of an athlete’s realistic ability to progress in sport and states that it is “a subjective exercise based on a combination of available evidence, expert opinion, objective performance data and statistical modeling ”. Execution of a PB, progress, resilience, performance readiness, skills, etc. are also part of the objective data taken into account.

“Due to the subjectivity clause, there is no way for us [athletes] prove that the [selection] the panel did not follow [its own] policies, “said Philibert-Thiboutot,” and gives them the right to choose whoever they want, even if statistics and objective information run counter to their choices. “

AC on Preisner’s first marathon: “decent”

Ben Preisner, a promising marathon runner from Milton, Ont., Is not backed by CAPP despite a time of 2:10:17 on his debut at the Marathon Project last December in Arizona and a 46th place finish as this year’s top Canadian in men’s Olympic marathon (he had a pre-race rank around 80).

In his unsuccessful appeal, the 25-year-old said he argued that the first average marathon of the top eight runners in each major championship since 2001 is 2:11:01 at the age of 24.7.

“The average early PB progression for these runners was 3% in 4.4 years, so if I have progressed on average, I’m fine within striking distance to be. [inside] the top eight within four to five years, ”said Preisner, who works part-time as a data analyst when not training, in an emailed statement to CBC Sports. “However, the [AC selection committee] suggested my first marathon was “decent”.

Preisner, who is preparing to compete in the Valencia Marathon on December 5, also told Athletics Canada that an objective way to determine which athletes to select is to rank them based on how close their PBs are to the “Top 8”. organisation. standard described in its criteria.

To support the selection process, Nathan said Athletics Canada uses “analytics” based on data collected by Canadian Tire, a sponsor of the Canadian Olympic Committee. It includes performance data (competition results) of the top eight athletes in each event of 10 World Championships and four Olympic Games since 2001.

Based on percentage over standard, Preisner determined he would top the list of currently registered CAPP “international” athletes that AC judges four to six years after finishing in the top eight. (see table below).

Marathon runner Ben Preisner said Athletics Canada has never explained why it has chosen other athletes to be part of its funded athlete program for next year, even though it appears to be fulfilling a good part of the criteria. (Submitted by Ben Preisner)

“I believed, and still believe, that Athletics Canada held me at a higher level for their ‘criteria’ or did not use the same criteria for internationally selected athletes,” said Preisner, who lives at Vancouver and works remotely. on her Masters in Artificial Intelligence from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont.

“I have never been given an explanation of how other athletes have been selected before me, other than that each is considered independently and has a unique case. The process must be objective and transparent so as not to generate distrust of the governing body of our sport. “

Philibert-Thiboutot, who has received messages of support from off-piste athletes “who have fallen victim to discretionary and subjective clauses,” said it would take a coalition with the councils of athletes from all sports to attempt to do so. the difference to Sport. Canadian level so that athletes are funded more equitably.

Van Buskirk is one of two able-bodied athlete directors with Philibert-Thiboutot on the Athletics Canada 12 Athlete Council. As an unsponsored athlete who has incurred more than $ 10,000 in debt this year to prepare for her Olympic debut in Tokyo, she understands the concerns of athletes, but believes AC administrative staff are acting in a way to ensure the success of Canadian athletes.

“I heard criticism from athletes about the funding system, how it worked and who was included,” said Van Buskirk, who last attended CAPP in 2018 before having injury issues. , on the phone from Toronto. “I hope the athlete’s voice will continue to be heard and that these athlete complaints and concerns will be taken seriously. I think there is an openness to that.”

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]]> https://odfolympiad.org/runners-point-out-flaws-in-athletics-canadas-hard-fundraising-program/feed/ 0 Stamford-based NBC Sports to close NBCSN on December 31 https://odfolympiad.org/stamford-based-nbc-sports-to-close-nbcsn-on-december-31/ https://odfolympiad.org/stamford-based-nbc-sports-to-close-nbcsn-on-december-31/#respond Tue, 02 Nov 2021 19:11:58 +0000 https://odfolympiad.org/stamford-based-nbc-sports-to-close-nbcsn-on-december-31/ STAMFORD – NBC Sports Group, one of the largest Connecticut-based media companies, confirmed Tuesday that it will shut down its NBCSN cable channel on December 31 and transfer much of its programming to the USA Network cable, which is a other division of the parent company. NBCUniversal.

USA Network will expand its programming with the addition of “premium NBC sporting events” including coverage of English Premier League football, NASCAR, INDYCAR, the Olympics, USGA and R&A golf championships, college sports and Olympics, horse racing and cycling, NBC athletic officials said in a press release about the changes. CNBC, the Peacock streaming service and “other linear platforms will also host a wide variety of live sports,” according to NBC Sports officials.

On January 1, USA Network will kick off its new lineup with a triple Premier League title, led by a match between defending champions Manchester City and visiting Arsenal.

“We are excited to move cable coverage of many of our premium sporting events to USA Network, Peacock and other widely distributed NBCUniversal platforms, which will give us a significant boost in TV homes and put us in an even stronger position as we grow. our business, ”NBC Sports President Pete Bevacqua said in a statement.

Starting January 1, NBCSN will display a “slate” to notify viewers of tuning information. NBC Sports said it will also conduct “extensive marketing and social media campaigns as well as content on TV shows to alert viewers to the situation.” Additionally, he said that NBC Sports partners “will let their fans know about the change. The exact schedule for dismantling the network may vary depending on the distributors.

USA Network is well established as a sports carrier. During last summer’s Tokyo Olympics, it broadcast live in track and field, men’s and women’s beach volleyball, indoor volleyball and softball. It is the number one prime-time sports and entertainment cable network, averaging 1.6 million viewers, according to data provided by NBC Sports.

“The United States has always been home to great, iconic characters – in reality shows like ‘Chrisley Knows Best’, high-end scripted dramas like ‘Chucky’ and ‘The Sinner’, and of course the energy at High octane number of our WWE personalities – and more Top quality professional athletes will fit in perfectly, ”said Frances Berwick, president of Entertainment Networks, NBCUniversal Television & Streaming, in a statement. “We expect that this expansion of our live sports offering will engage both existing fans and attract new communities to the United States, thus strengthening the network as a premier destination for the best and greatest entertainment. wider in all its many forms. “

The end of NBCSN will not affect NBC Sports’ most watched show, “Sunday Night Football,” which airs on the NBC and Peacock Broadcasting Channel. SNF finished as 1st prime-time program for a record 10th consecutive year, attracting an average audience of around 17 million people during the 2020 NFL regular season.

NBC Sports’ decision to terminate NBCSN was originally disclosed in a memo sent Jan. 29 by Bevacqua. He described the changes “as part of a larger transition” within the organization.

Founded in 1995 as the Outdoor Life Network – and later renamed Versus, before taking its current name – NBCSN has become known for its NASCAR, NHL and Premier League coverage, as well as its Olympic Games television broadcasts. Available in tens of millions of homes, it has consistently ranked second most-watched cable sports channels, after ESPN.

The closure of NBCSN will not result in any local job cuts, city officials say.

NBC Sports is headquartered at 1 Blachley Road, a few yards from Exit 9 of Interstate 95. It employs more than 900 people in Stamford, according to data shared earlier this year by the company.

pschott@stamfordadvocate.com; twitter: @paulschott

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https://odfolympiad.org/stamford-based-nbc-sports-to-close-nbcsn-on-december-31/feed/ 0
Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games manuals released https://odfolympiad.org/beijing-2022-olympic-winter-games-manuals-released/ https://odfolympiad.org/beijing-2022-olympic-winter-games-manuals-released/#respond Tue, 26 Oct 2021 17:14:51 +0000 https://odfolympiad.org/beijing-2022-olympic-winter-games-manuals-released/

The Beijing 2022 Playbooks were released on Monday, outlining the COVID-19 countermeasures that will be put in place for the Winter Olympics due to start in February in the Chinese capital.

The vaccination policy, which will be extremely strict in Beijing, highlights the handbook for athletes and team officials.

Vaccination is mandatory 14 days before entering China, and if an athlete or team official chooses not to be vaccinated, they will need to self-quarantine for 21 days in the country, as we reported. previously. Two PCR tests will be required within 96 hours of entering China, upon arrival and daily during the Games.

In Tokyo, the IOC strongly encouraged athletes to be vaccinated, as well as many National Olympic Committees, although it was never mandatory.

Vaccines are generally more widely available now than they were before the Tokyo Games in July.

“The IOC and IPC are working with NOCs and NPCs to encourage and assist all Games participants in their territory to be vaccinated before traveling to China, in accordance with national vaccination guidelines. “

Any exceptions to the vaccination rules in Beijing will only be made for medical reasons as determined by Beijing 2022, the IOC and the IPC.

A closed-loop management system will also be put in place, as well as the Covid Liaison Officer (CLO) program for all organizations as was the case in Tokyo. This will require participants to check in daily on a smartphone app to report their medical condition.

The Playbook also notes that “masks should be worn at all times when assisting others” and continually emphasizes limiting physical contact and social distancing where possible. He also notes to avoid shouting, cheering and singing – “show your support or celebrate by clapping instead”.

The Playbook also specifies that personal data will be collected in order to comply with the countermeasures:

“Some of the countermeasures in this Playbook require the collection and processing of the personal data of accredited participants in the Games. This includes biographical information (such as name, date of birth, accreditation number) and health-related data (such as body temperature, symptoms, health report, status vaccine).

The number of daily COVID-19 cases in China has remained relatively under control over the past month. In August, the number of daily cases reached 110, approaching the country’s daily maximum of 123 as of January, but stabilized and stood between 30 and 40 new daily cases over the past week.

Mainland China currently has 96,874 total confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, with 4,636 confirmed deaths.

Globally, after peaking at 700,000 daily cases in August, the current seven-day average points to just over 400,000 new cases of COVID-19 per day.

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When are the 2022 Winter Olympics? https://odfolympiad.org/when-are-the-2022-winter-olympics/ https://odfolympiad.org/when-are-the-2022-winter-olympics/#respond Tue, 26 Oct 2021 13:18:00 +0000 https://odfolympiad.org/when-are-the-2022-winter-olympics/

The 2022 Winter Olympics are scheduled to take place from Friday February 4 to Sunday February 20 in Beijing, China, just six months after the Tokyo Games. Around 3,000 athletes are expected to compete in around 95 countries and 45% of these athletes are expected to be women, the highest percentage in Olympic Winter Games history.

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The 2022 Winter Olympics will feature seven new Olympic events: Women’s Monobob, Men’s and Women’s Big Air (Freestyle Skiing), Mixed Team Snowboard Cross, Mixed Team Jumps, Mixed Short Track Team Relay and mixed team ski jumping. So instead of the 102 medal-winning events we witnessed in PyeongChang, there will now be a total of 109 medal-winning events in 15 sports. See below for more information on which sports will be contested.

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Mikaela shiffrin, Nathan Chen, and Shaun White are just a few of the big stars expected to represent the US team at the Beijing Winter Games. Shiffrin, a two-time Olympic gold medalist from Edwards, Colo., Competed in a total of five events at the 2014 and 2018 Olympic Winter Games combined, however, the Beijing calendar allows her to compete in five events in 2022. Chen , a native of Salt Lake City, is the reigning three-time world champion in men’s singles. Despite a tough start to the season at Skate America, Chen remains the favorite for gold if he skates at his best. White, a three-time Olympic gold medalist from Carlsbad, Calif., Could become the first snowboarder to win four career Olympic medals.

What sports will be played at the 2022 Winter Olympics?

  • Alpine skiing
  • Biathlon
  • Bobsleigh
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Curling
  • Figure skating
  • Freestyle skiing
  • Hockey
  • Sled
  • Nordic combined
  • Short track
  • Skeleton
  • Ski jumping
  • Snowboard
  • Speed ​​skating

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Be sure to follow OlympicTalk for the latest news, updates and storylines surrounding the 2022 Winter Olympics!

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With World Cup wins, boxing in Brazil leads its way in Paris – Conejo Valley Observer https://odfolympiad.org/with-world-cup-wins-boxing-in-brazil-leads-its-way-in-paris-conejo-valley-observer/ https://odfolympiad.org/with-world-cup-wins-boxing-in-brazil-leads-its-way-in-paris-conejo-valley-observer/#respond Tue, 26 Oct 2021 05:07:04 +0000 https://odfolympiad.org/with-world-cup-wins-boxing-in-brazil-leads-its-way-in-paris-conejo-valley-observer/

The preponderant role of boxing has withered during the last two Olympic cycles (London-Rio and Rio-Toquio) due to the drifts in the governance of the Aiba (International Boxing Association), an entity which was responsible for organize boxing at the Olympics. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) broke with Aiba, and the competition for sport only took place in Tokyo because a special council took care of it.

The storm between the two organizations having reduced slightly, Aiba tries to regain his prestige to take back the command of the organization of the Olympics. Take advantage of a valuable opportunity, the ongoing dispute of the Men’s World Championships, in Belgrade, Serbia.

The event kicked off on Monday (25), with 88 athletes from 67 countries registered. Brazil took ten boxers and started with victories: unanimously, Luiz Gabriel Oliveira (25 kg) defeated Tso Sing Yu of Hong Kong; and, by RSC (referee interrupted) in the third round, Wanderson “Shugar” Oliveira (67 kg) defeated Atichai Phoemsap of Thailand.

The president of Aiba, Umar Kremlev, is convinced that the championship, which runs until November 6, will represent a new milestone in the history of his entity. The protests are topical: 13 weight categories and, as an incentive for the competitors, a record award. The gold medal is worth US $ 88,000, the silver medal US $ 25,000 and the bronze medal US $ 13,000 each.

Independent expert Richard McLaren, responsible for the investigation report that reported irregularities to Aiba and raised suspicions of manipulation of the fighting results, is also present. He even took part in a meeting with the referees scheduled for the tournament, an occasion in which the speeches emphasized that the referees and judges summoned are committed to fair fights and transparent judgments.

Aiba decided to adopt white gloves in combat, replacing the traditional red and blue ones. Kremlev explained that they would symbolize a new beginning, justice and transparency.

Brazil, in addition to the boxers, is represented at the Worlds by Dr. Bernadino Santi and former president of CBBoxe, Mauro Silva, who will act as International Technical Officer, in charge of the inspection and the scale of the arbitration. fights.

The current president of the Brazilian confederation, Marcos Candido Brito, who took office in the middle of the first half of the year, argues that the organization is not abandoning the line of professionalism it has adopted and which is showing good results.

Among men, Brazilian boxing has surprised during the last three Olympics, with the conquest of two gold medals, one silver and one bronze. At the World Championships, there are seven (one gold, one silver and five bronze).

The Brazilian men’s boxing team have never managed to place themselves among the main forces in the sport, especially at the Olympics and world championships. Before the London-2012 Olympics, the sport’s only trophy was Servílio de Oliveira’s bronze medal at the Mexico-1968 Games.

He also captured a modest World Cup bronze medal in 1986, won by Hamilton Rodrigues. A glimpse of a change in level was sketched at the World Cup in 1986, when Everton Lopes snatched one gold and Esquiva Falcão another bronze.

From then on, the performance of the national team began to leave a feeling that something positive, although still in its infancy, was about to happen. With the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on the horizon, more public funds in sport in general, CBBoxe started spending more on international travel.

It has also invested in the rental of premises to accommodate members of the permanent teams in the preparation phase, ensuring that they are close to the training center to facilitate the activities of athletes and coaches.

The teams were guaranteed to benefit from four meals a day, with a simple but balanced menu. The CT has become a reference and a place of visits and training courses for those concerned (athletes, coaches and referees).

In addition, the selections also benefited from the support and advice of multidisciplinary teams, with performance analysis and technique correction.

On its website, CBBoxe also highlights as a positive factor the change of its headquarters in São Paulo to a more airy and spacious facility. She did not fail to point out that its main championships have been restructured and that the entity adopted the policy of distributing rings to cities that did not have adequate equipment.

Boxing is packed. It is not easy to come back from the Olympic Games, to rest for a few days and to resume preparations for the World Cup. Opponents were certainly faced with the same dilemmas.

The preparation cycle for the Paris 2024 Olympics will be the shortest in the history of the Games due to the postponement caused in Japan by the pandemic. Therefore, it is interesting to know the sacrifice of time and to enjoy the lesson.

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Top American Stories of 2021 Skate America https://odfolympiad.org/top-american-stories-of-2021-skate-america/ https://odfolympiad.org/top-american-stories-of-2021-skate-america/#respond Tue, 26 Oct 2021 05:00:00 +0000 https://odfolympiad.org/top-american-stories-of-2021-skate-america/

The 2021-22 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Series kicked off last Friday at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, and did not disappoint. The American athletes walked away with two medals in men’s singles and two in ice dance; this last competition was a fierce one, while the first presented a superb performance in small groups.

Vincent Zhou’s great victory

American Vincent Zhou, 20, said he is as well prepared and trained as he can get for Skate America. The result? Zhou walked away with his first major senior title – and it wasn’t close. His short program and free skate totaled 295.56 points, or about 25 points ahead of silver medalist Shoma Uno and bronze medalist Nathan Chen.

“My training this year has been by far the most consistent and productive training I have ever had,” Zhou said. “Being well prepared, training to perform in all circumstances, it really pays off. … It’s just about dealing with the ups and downs, not letting anything get into my head, working hard, keeping goals in mind.

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SEE MORE : Vincent Zhou: 2021 Skate America wins “super hard to believe”

Nathan Chen’s winning streak ends

Nathan Chen entered the weekend with a winning streak that spanned more than three competitive seasons and 14 consecutive competitions. He’s been undefeated since missing the podium at PyeongChang in 2018. While his shocking third place finish in Las Vegas doesn’t change his aspirations for the upcoming season and the Olympics, it has shown he still has strength. margin to improve in terms of consistency. . In an interview with NBC’s Andrea Joyce, Chen said he felt his opponents were “more prepared” for Skate America and looked forward to Skate Canada the next one.

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SEE MORE : Nathan Chen: opponents “better prepared” at Skate America 2021

Hubbell & Donohue Edge Cale & Bates

In the ice dance competition, American duo Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue won their fourth straight Skate America title – and the last of their careers, as they plan to retire after this season. They narrowly beat longtime rivals and American teammates Madison Chock and Evan Bates, 209.54 to 208.23. Third place pair Laurence Fournier Beaudry and Nikolaj Sorenson were far behind at 190.13.

It was Hubbell and Donohue’s fifth Skate America appearance and medal in six years, while it was the first for Chock and Bates in six years.

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Amber Glenn Leads American Women

In sixth place, Amber Glenn was America’s top in women’s singles after 2018 Olympian Bradie Tennell retired with injury before the competition. Glenn had a personal best score (133.45) in his free skate, performed on “Rain In Your Black Eyes” by Ezio Bosso.

“It’s just the energy that made this performance so brilliant,” said analyst Johnny Weir.

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SEE MORE : Skate America 2021: Amber Glenn’s “magnificent” free skate

Alexa Knierim and Brandon Frazier 4th in pairs

American duo Alexa Knierim and Brandon Frazier finished fourth in the pairs competition, leading the American participants. In their free skate, Knierim and Frazier performed on Coldplay’s “Fix You” and scored 136.60 points, a new international record. The veteran pair, who just reunited in the spring of last year, had a tougher time with their short program, scoring 66.37. Fellow Americans Jessica Calalang and Brian Johnson took fifth place overall and Chelsea Liu and Danny O’Shea finished seventh.

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Newcomers name Olympic hero as AFLW leader https://odfolympiad.org/newcomers-name-olympic-hero-as-aflw-leader/ https://odfolympiad.org/newcomers-name-olympic-hero-as-aflw-leader/#respond Tue, 26 Oct 2021 04:03:00 +0000 https://odfolympiad.org/newcomers-name-olympic-hero-as-aflw-leader/

PORT Adelaide has named three-time Olympian Juliet Haslam as head of the AFLW.

The Power is one of four teams – along with Essendon, Hawthorn and Sydney – to join the NAB AFLW competition in the 2022/23 season.

Haslam represented Australia in hockey at the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympics, winning two gold medals and being part of the Australian Women’s Team of the Century.

EXPLICATOR Everything you need to know about expanding AFLW

“We are delighted to announce Juliet Haslam as our first AFLW Director. Great women have always been at the forefront of our club and Juliet continues this legacy,” said Matthew Richardson, CEO of Port Adelaide.

“She brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experiences to elite women’s sport, both as a player and as an administrator.

“Upon retiring as a player, Juliet has built an impressive career in business, marketing and consulting working for various organizations including Coca-Cola and Sarah Homes.

Juliet Haslam is Port Adelaide’s first appointment to the club’s AFLW program before entering the competition. Photo: Port Adelaide Football Club

“She has also served on the Boards of Directors of Hockey SA and Hockey Australia, as well as the SA Sports Institute and the Board of Governors of the SA Hall of Fame. Most recently, Juliet worked with the Gold Medal of the Australian Institute of Sport. Ready ‘helping to prepare Australian Olympic athletes for the Tokyo Games, which has been one of Australia’s most successful Olympic performances. ”

Richardson said Haslam’s experience working with elite athletes in a variety of sports made her very useful for a wide-ranging role, which includes football operations, culture, coaching appointments. , list management and high performance.

“To be the first official appointment to the club’s AFLW program is an honor and an opportunity that I look forward to,” said Haslam.


12. August 2021. 16:59

Nat Edwards and Sarah Black discuss what the expansion means for the competition

“I have been following the development of the AFLW competition closely over the past five years, and now to have this opportunity to participate and help build a successful program at my club is incredibly exciting.

“I am excited about the club’s bold vision, including the transformation of the Alberton Oval neighborhood and the important role AFLW will play in shaping the future Port Adelaide football club.

LIST OF EACH CLUB Your roster for the 2022 season

“Our female athletes will benefit from world-class training facilities and Alberton will transform into a national broadcast venue for AFLW. Providing future generations of young girls and women with a path to represent Port Adelaide on the national stage is inspiring.

“Although my history with the club brings back fond memories to me, I am most excited about the future of the club, AFLW being an important part of it.

“Most importantly, Port Adelaide is inclusive, progressive and professional. I look forward to starting and building an AFLW program that will give us our best chance for success.”

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