Former Weightlifting Federation president Tamás Aján banned for life for complicity in doping


Former Hungarian President of the International Halterophilia Federation (IWF), Tamás Aján, was banished for life by the Sports Arbitral Tribunal (TAS) for swepting up doping cases under the mat during his mandate as president of the ‘IWF. reports

Aján was banished with Romanian Nicu Vlad, who won Olympic gold in the male test of 90 kilograms in Los Angeles in 1984.

The couple were charged with

  • “tampering with the doping control process”
  • “violations of the anti -doping rules involving several weightlifting athletes over a period of several years since 2012″.

Eighty-three years old-old Aján was elected president of the IWF in 2000, and wahern Member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). He was also secretary general of the IWF for 24 years, occupying high office within the organization since 1976.

He resigned in April 2020 following an investigative article by the german broadcaster ARD who alleged that the official was involved in the doping cover-upfinancial misconduct and vote buying in the election of IWF officers.

These sanctions follow a request from the International Testing Agency (ITA). According to the ITA conclusions, in 29 cases of doping in the past, the federation had not imposed any sanctions and destroyed evidence. The ITA report highlighted a lack of administrative controls, loose records, chaotic organizationznational structure, as well as indifference, negligence and, in the worst case, the deliberate concealment of criminal activities.

featured image via MTI/EPA/Igor Kovalenko

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