France will transform the Avenue des Champs-Élysées before the 2024 Olympics


The Avenue des Champs-Élysées in France, often considered the most beautiful avenue in the world, will be completely transformed before the 2024 Olympics.

The announcement was confirmed by officials in the French capital as they highlighted that they plan to transform the avenue by planting trees and increasing pedestrian zones, reports

“We need to re-enchant the most famous avenue in the capital, which has lost a lot of its splendor over the past 30 years,” the mayor of the 8th arrondissement of the capital, Jeanne d’Hauteserre, underlined this in this regard.

The plan is to make the city greener and drive cars out of Paris, according to French authorities.

At the same time, the socialist mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, pointed out that “It’s a reduction in space for cars, to be clear because that’s how we have to imagine the city of the future.”

According to a report published by France 24, at the bottom of the two-kilometre (1.2 mile) long avenue next to Place de la Concorde, the “Re-enchanting the Champs-Elysées” program will crawl the gardens.

“We are going to create one and a half hectares of green space and plant more than a hundred trees”, Emmanuel Grégoire, Deputy Mayor, underlined this in this regard.

Earlier it was reported that the French capital would spend a total of 26 million ahead of the Olympics on the plan which is expected to begin implementation in a few weeks.

In addition, Grégoire indicated that the terraces located near the top of the avenue would be removed by designer Ramy Fischler, who will endeavor to “preserve the identity and personality” of the area.

Recently, the French Parliament approved a new law that requires all new commercial buildings to have their roofs partially covered with vegetation. In addition, the new requirements will affect all new buildings in commercial areas. At first, the proposal of French environmental activists said that the roofs should be completely covered with greenery.

France is one of the first countries in the world to promote sustainable development. Last year, it was ranked fourth in the Global Sustainability Index. Meanwhile, in 2019, it was ranked the top country for its sustainability efforts by The Economist’s Sustainable Tourism Index, which takes into account many factors, including how well countries preserve the cultural, social and environmental capital.

According to recent data provided by Statista, 40% of French consumers in total refuse to buy a product that is not considered sufficiently sustainable.

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