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They too deserve medals, but it looks like they’ll settle for champagne! Let’s start the week also singing the praises of the hardworking grooms, whose careful care and management of these equine athletes (and, to be fair, humans too at times) played a vital role in Team USA’s success this weekend. . Three cheers go to, left to right: Hailey Burlock (Off the Record), Stephanie Simpson (Tsetserleg TSF), Meredith Ferraris (Leamore Master Plan), USEF Eventing Team Host Max Corcoran, Alyssa Dobrotin (Mai Baum) and Sally Robertson (Vermiculus) – click the links to learn about a few and stay tuned for more in our #supergroom series!

Think about it for a second: this year 2022 was the first year that international grooms had an official voice before a major championship, thanks to a partnership signed between the FEI and the International Grooms Association (IGA). That’s not much recognition for a lot of hard work, but we’re excited to see steps in the right direction.

FEI World Eventing Championships: [Website] [FEI TV] [ EN’s Ultimate Guide ] [EN’s Form Guide] [Final Individual Scores] [Final Team Scores] [EN’s Coverage]

US weekend results

Aspen Farm HT (Yelm, WA): [Website] [Results]

The event at Skyline (Mount Pleasant, UT): [Website] [Results]

Flying Cross Farm HT (Goshen, KY): [Website] [Results]

Marlborough HT (Upper Marlboro, MD): [Website] [Results]

Otter Creek Falls HT (Wheeler, WI): [Website] [Results]

Stone Gate Farm HT (Hanoverton, OH): [Website] [Results]

Tryon Fall HT (Mill Spring, North Carolina): [Website] [Results]

Unionville HT (Unionville, Pennsylvania): [Website] [Results]

UK weekend results:

Munstead (2): [Results]

Allerton Park: [Results]

Pontispool (2): [Results]

Monmouth: [Results]

Blenheim Palace International (Oxfordshire, England): [Website] [Results] [Live Stream]

Your Monday Reading List:

There was a very important guest on the Pratoni field on the day of the cross: The President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Dr. Thomas Bach. As equestrian sport – eventing in particular – is on the brink of Olympic exclusion, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that Dr Bach is as enthralled by the incredible day of sport as we all were. The impression he gave seems promising. IOC President Bach impressed by ‘incredible facilities’ at World Championship

Want to be a real eventing nerd? Prove it! We’ve extended our FEI World Championships Trivia until the end of today and if you’re a top scorer, you could win a bundle of Sterling Essentials all-natural leather care products. Test your mettle here against ten questions. Need a little help? You can find many answers in our ultimate guide or form guide 😉

What exactly is meant by “well-being” for a sport horse? This is the central question that a team of researchers set out to study this year. The researchers have now reached the first stage of their study, which included a survey of a wide range of equine professionals, but there is still a long way to go before the project is complete. Next steps include voting and scoring End Topics as well as creating Wellness Ratings. [Study seeks to establish a practical blueprint for sport horse welfare]

Pain is often the cause of “nasty” behavior in horses. We all bee. says this and we all know this intellectually, but in practice we are not always good at really listening to our horses and instead we dismiss “bad” behavior as normal. A new 35-minute film builds on a six-phase, three-year study by world-renowned equine orthopedic expert Sue Dyson and seeks to teach riders how to spot early signs of pain. [24 Pain Behaviors of the Ridden Horse Documentary Trailer Released]

The FutureTrack follows: One of my favorite things about these big international competitions like World Championships, Olympics and Pan Am Games is really getting to know new horse and rider pairs from around the world. I really liked following Korntawat SamranThailand’s only representative, on Instagram as he made his world championship debut over the weekend.

Morning viewing: Did you think yesterday’s stop at Blenheim was good? Here, take another one:

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