Gangwon: Olympic Winter Paradise and Wellness


South Korea’s snowiest province shines a light on its inspiring sporting heritage and invigorating wellness getaways to encourage tourists to visit and reconnect

South Korea’s snowiest province is both an Olympic winter paradise and a wellness destination
South Korea’s snowiest province is both an Olympic winter paradise and a wellness destination

Presented by Gangwon Provincial Government

Preserving the strength of the Olympic legacy
Organized by Gangwon Province, South Korea (Gangwon), Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and various well-known ski resorts, Gangwon Snow Festa is an annual celebration to commemorate the legacy of the Winter Olympics of PyeongChang 2018 and introduce a unique Korean winter wonderland to international audiences.

The festivities revolve around exhilarating winter activities, K-wave themed experiences, complemented by immersive cultural and wellness highlights.

The 2020/2021 edition amid the pandemic saw Gangwon hold their first virtual concert, On:tact K-OST Concert Snow Festa, with a special tribute to the Gangwon 2024 Youth Olympic Games.

Viewers around the world were able to admire the province’s spectacular dreamy snowy landscapes and savor popular K-drama soundtracks online during the highly anticipated global digital campaign.

In February this year, the province held the 2022 World Gangwon Snow Festa Day, jointly with the 39th Yongpyong International Ski Festival.

At the winter event attended by more than 200 people from 30 nations, the governor alongside 19 ambassadors also expressed his wishes for the success of the 2024 Gangwon Youth Olympic Games.

Hot on its heels in March, Gangwon and KTO wasted no time in inviting Singapore travel agents, business partners, and media to experience the Sing Ski Festival, which was specially organized to meet the needs of the vaccinated route between South Korea and Singapore.

Attendees were able to try their hand at skiing and wellness offerings, as well as explore the latest attractions. The festival ended with a gala dinner, with an award ceremony for the winners of the ski competition, performances of K-drama soundtracks and even K-culture games from the mega hit, Squid Game.

Kim Jong Woug, general manager of the Gangwon Tourism, Culture and Sports Bureau, said, “We will be more proactive in our marketing efforts along with the resumption of international travel so that more tourists will want to visit Gangwon. , in the future.

First wellness destination
While wellness is not a new trend, novelty can come from unexpected partnerships and routes, as wellness destinations take an integrated approach to health and fitness.

Take it from the Slow Pacers, pandemic travelers hungry for wellness and safety – they seek innovative healing experiences and will bring their desire to live better, healthier and stronger abroad when they travel for the business and leisure.

The beloved Gangwon Wellness Week, held annually at various wellness destinations across the province, features soothing mind-body therapies amid Gangwon’s awe-inspiring lush greenery.

Health enthusiasts can continue their quest for wellness with forest trekking, yoga and fitness classes included in event schedules.

With a breathtaking forested expanse and pristine streams surrounding the city, Jeongseon stands out and can certainly claim to be a remarkable healing destination, home to the most number of wellness attractions.

Weary travelers looking to rejuvenate can also turn to High 1 Resort, after it transformed into a wellness resort. The upscale ski retreat offers a special HAO program including Querencia yoga, healing meditation, as well as tea sweets and flower tea to relieve fatigue and uplift the spirit.

A refreshing trekking experience in scenic Mount Balwangsan at mona Yongpyong Resort is also another wellness highlight for fitness-loving tourists and locals.

In fact, Mount Balwangsan’s scenic ecosystem is most ideal for invigorating trails and hikes from spring through early fall. In the winter, indoor wellness programs at the resort on meditation yoga, craft classes, as well as aroma and nishi therapies.

For more information on destinations and activities in Gangwon, email Dexter Liew, Marketing Manager, Gangwon Kuala Lumpur Office at [email protected]

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