International Olympic Committee postpones decision on host city for 2030 Winter Olympics

Potential hosts Salt Lake City, Sapporo and Vancouver will have to wait a bit longer to find out who will be chosen to host the 2030 Winter Olympics. Photo: Mike Crane Photography

The International Olympic Committee has announced that its decision on a host city for the 2030 Winter Olympics and Paralympics will be postponed until at least September 2023. Candidate Cities: Salt Lake City; Sapporo, Japan; and Vancouver, Canada, all of which have hosted Winter Games before, will have to wait until next fall for a final decision.

Postponement of the decision comes after the IOC’s Executive Board decided to postpone the organization’s annual meeting in Mumbai, India, next year because it was suspended and could potentially be cancelled. This is the result of the “uncertain situation” of the Indian National Olympic Committee, which faces suspension due to ongoing internal disputes, governance flaws and legal cases including the failure of the Indian Olympic body. to organize the elections scheduled for last December.

Potential Winter Olympic cities are now in flux as confirmation of the host for the 2023 Games is one of the critical decisions to be made at the Mumbai meetings. The session, which was due to be held in May, is an annual gathering of around 100 individual members, including Indian billionaire Nita Ambani. The IOC said the meeting is now postponed until autumn next year.

IOC decision on host of 2030 Olympics postponed until September 2023
The opening ceremonies of last winter’s games. Photo: Beijing 2022

IOC President Thomas Bach spoke after the Executive Board meeting at its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, regarding the heightened level of interest in hosting the Olympics and how the committee has revolutionized its procedure for selecting hosts for the Olympic Games. Gone are the days of expensive bidding campaigns, as the committee now encourages social, economic and environmental sustainability to control the costs associated with venue construction and other preparations.

Bach also ruled out the possibility that the IOC could award the 2030 and 2034 Winter Games at the same time, and a decision for 2034 will have to wait. During press conference, Bach told reporters that the new selection schedule will be up to the sub-committee, chaired by Romanian IOC member and European rugby director Octavian Morariu. If the committee will stick to a schedule that called for closed-door talks to begin in December with bidders, Bach said:

“We took this decision yesterday and only informed the chairman of the commission yesterday evening or today during the day, I think… So they will have to take this into account and then come up with a timetable. It’s in their hands. »

2030 Winter Olympics will delay host announcement
The 2030 Olympic Winter Games will be officially known as the XXVI Olympic Winter Games and will have a start date of February 8, 2030. However, the host city is TBD and the announcement is delayed. Photo: Beijing 2022

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