IOC presents the fair play award to Brazilian skaters Dora Varela and Yandiara Asp


Resa Leal was the highlight of Brazilian women’s skateboarding at the Tokyo Olympics, winning the silver medal. But two other Brazilian athletes competing in Japan were honored this Friday by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Dora Varela and Yandiyara ASP received the award Fair play For “extraordinary display of sportsmanship during the Olympic Games”.

Two athletes from the Brazilian skate team were joined by Sakura Yosozumi and Kokona Hiraki from Japan, Sky Brown from UK, Poppy Olsen, from Australia, and Bryce wetstein, from the United States, also recalled and honored by the IOC.

The reason for the award was an act of sympathy and solidarity with 15-year-old Japanese Misugu Okamoto, who lost an Olympic medal after falling on her last attempt. In one of the most memorable scenes of the Olympics, the skater was carried on her shoulders by her colleagues.

The IOC said it was an “extraordinary display of sporting prowess during the Olympic Games” when the choice was made to bestow the prize on the skaters who appreciated the decision of the road sport.

The committee was overjoyed and thrilled with the sportsmanship of the athletes when skateboarding was introduced to the Olympics. The atmosphere of solidarity and friendship between the competitors caught the attention of the institution, which decided to reward seven athletes.

The prize was awarded in 1963 by the International Fair Play Committee (IFPC), an organization created by the IOC and which, after the 2008 Games in Beijing, began to reward participants in events.

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