KNZB technical director André Cats leaves for Dutch Olympic Committee role


The Royal Netherlands Swimming Federation (KNZB) has announced that its current Technical Director, Andrew Catswill be leaving the organization effective March 1.

Cats, who has been in his current role for more than 5 years, will take on the position of Director of High Performance Sport with the Netherlands Olympic Committee/Netherlands Sports Federation (NOC*NSF).

“With incredible pleasure and pride, I have been Technical Director at KNZB for the past five and a half years. Together with countless colleagues, athletes and volunteers, we have worked hard every day to improve our results. In most case, it was a success – despite all the restrictions and measures – or else we have together laid a foundation on which to build,” read Cats’ statement upon his departure.

“I will miss the KNZB, the different sports and above all everyone very much. I grew up in swimming pools and I owe a lot to swimming. I’ve held every position in the sport of swimming you can imagine. Now I’m really going to leave that familiar chlorine smell behind and it also feels a little strange to me.

“From my new position with NOC*NSF and TeamNL, I will of course be following the KNZB with great interest and assisting with all the steps that need to be taken for swimming sports to flourish even more magnificently.”

At NOC*NSF, Cats, 53, will be responsible for nearly 70 top sports programs in the Netherlands, including infrastructure and funding.

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