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A Mater Dei High School football player told the Santa Ana Police Department that he was sexually assaulted by teammates in the school locker room last August, according to a police report.

The report is the latest revelation of alleged hazing, sexual harassment and assault by Mater Dei football players in the school locker room.

According to the report, the Mater Dei player told police “he was sexually assaulted by several members of the football team in the locker room” on August 31.

The victim said, according to the report, “Teammates pulled out their penises and showed them to him while holding him down. The incident was reported to his coach (UNK NAME) who then reported it to officials at school.

“A teammate also started humping (the victim) from behind with his pants on. (Victim) reported no injuries and denied trespassing.

“He is now experiencing anxiety because of an incident.”

The Los Angeles Times ran the story on the report Monday night.

The incident raises new questions about the culture within the nation’s premier high school football program and Mater Dei’s head football coach, Bruce Rollinson, and his staff’s willingness to monitor his team‘s behavior, especially in school locker rooms.

“It is, and has long been, the policy of the Diocese of Orange not to comment on matters involving minors, including incidents involving current and former students,” said Bradley Zint, spokesman for the diocese.

“As for the assessment at Mater Dei High School, it is ongoing. We do not have a completion date to announce yet.”

Mater Dei football player suffered head traumaa broken nose and other head injuries after being punched by a teammate, 50 pounds heavier than him, during an alleged hazing ritual called “Bodies” on February 4, 2021 at two Mater Dei locker rooms while some Monarchs players who were in attendance shouted racial epithets at the smaller player, according to two videos of the altercation obtained by the Orange County Register.

The injuries resulted from a series of blows to the head that prompted a Santa Ana Police Department investigator to recommend that the Orange County Juvenile Division file battery charges against the other player, according to a police report obtained by the registry.

Orange County Attorney’s Office refused to press charges. The small player’s family filed suit against Mater Dei and the Diocese of Orange in Orange County Superior Court.

Videos from 2018 showing Mater Dei High School football players performing simulated sex acts on other players and alleged hazing. Fights in the school locker room would be part of an investigation in the culture of Monarch football and athletics programs, then Mater Dei President Father Walter Jenkins confirmed to the Register in December. Jenkins resigned from his post a few days later..

A video is a compilation of events taking place largely in the Mater Dei football locker room and begins with a Monarch player sneaking up behind a smaller player and placing a bag or pillowcase over the smaller player’s head who is then surrounded by other players. Video continues to show a fight between players as other players cheer, players simulating sex acts on each other, at least six players simultaneously surrounding and slapping a curled up player, a player being dragged across the locker room past a condom and semi naked player sitting on toilet.

A second video titled “Miss Summer Ball” shows a Mater Dei player approaching a seated player, then beginning to remove the seated player’s shorts and underwear, then simulating sexual acts on the player while at least 20 teammates cheered, laughed and filmed the incident with their mobile phones.

Both videos were posted on the Mater Dei players’ social media accounts. Mater Dei confirmed that the videos are from 2018

Amanda Waters, former athletic director of Mater Dei, said in a recent sworn deposition that there was frequent property damage in the Mater Dei football locker room, including sinks ripped from the wall, sinks and mirrors broken.

Waters in the deposition said Rollinson denied 10 requests to monitor the school’s locker rooms.

“I don’t have time to do this (expletive)” Waters remembers telling Rollinson. “(It) would be the same comment over and over again.”

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