No Olympic sport is profitable at any university


NCAA President Marc Emmert made several comments at a controversial press conference Wednesday, headlined by his claim that being a university president is “”hardest job in america. “

Emmert also touched on the profitability of Olympic sports in varsity athletics. He said no Olympic sport, no school, is cash-positive, adding that “the problem with marketing is that Olympic sports don’t fit.”

The statement caused a stir, with several members of the media suggesting that Emmert may not have included widely profitable sports such as basketball and baseball when referring to Olympic sports.

Emmert also said the NCAA had initiated “a number” of investigations into schools for violating NIL rules, but did not give details.

He also said the organization “badly needs Congress to act” on a universal NIL policy, as the NCAA does not have good data on the agreements being signed across the country.

“The leaders of Congress would very much like to do it, but they are not very optimistic about the possibility of doing it,” he said.

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