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April race celebrates 50 years of the women’s premier division in 1972

BOSTON, January 11, 2022 / PRNewswire / – The Boston Athletic Association (BAA) today announced the fastest, most decorated women’s professional field for the 126e Boston Marathon, to run April 18, 2022. Reigning Olympic marathon medalists Fathers Jepchirchir (gold) and Molly seidel (bronze), as well as gold medalist of the Paralympic marathon Madison de Rozario and three-time Boston Marathon champion Manuela Schär headliner in the field competing on Patriots’ Day.

Heading the team of professional athletes John Hancock are 12 women who ran in under 2:23, including the fastest women in the world in 2020 (from Kenya Jepchirchir, 2:17:16) and 2021 (from Kenya Joyciline Jepkosgei, 2:17:43). the Monday April 18 race, which will be Boston’s first Patriots Day marathon since 2019, marks the 50e anniversary of the first official women’s field, which in 1972 consisted of eight finishers.

“As we look to celebrate the pioneering women of 1972, we are thrilled to host the fastest and most accomplished women’s field in Boston Marathon history,” said BAA President and CEO . Tom grilk. “Although there have been many milestones in the five decades that have passed since the creation of the women’s division in Boston, this peloton of Olympic and Paralympic medalists, Boston world champions and stars will make this race unforgettable on Patriots’ Day. “

Jepchirchir will make his Boston Marathon debut less than a year after winning both the Olympic Marathon gold medal in Tokyo and the TCS New York City Marathon title. She will face Tokyo bronze medalist Seidel, former Boston resident who became only the third American in history to win a medal in the Olympic marathon.

“My high expectations are to be a winner and I would like to arrive on race day in my best shape,” said Jepchirchir. “I have plenty of time to prepare for this and I will do my best in training to be ready to race against some of the best marathon runners in the world.”

“When I lived and trained in Boston, I fell totally in love with the Boston Marathon. Every Patriots day, I went to Heartbreak Hill to watch the runners, and every time I trained on the course, I went to Heartbreak Hill to watch the runners. dreamed of running the race one day, “Seidel says. “There is something special about the Boston Marathon, and I can’t wait to stand in line Hopkinton in April for the race! “

In addition to Jepchirchir and Seidel, this year’s professional women’s open field includes the Boston Marathon champions. Edna Kiplagat (2017) and Linden trees (2018), winner of the 2021 London Marathon and the 2019 New York Marathon Joyciline Jepkosgei, as well as four Ethiopian contenders within 2:20 Degitu Azimeraw, Roza Dereje, Zeineba Yimer and Tigiste Girma.

Beyond Seidel and Linden, a strong American contingent includes Sara Room, the second fastest American marathoner in history (2:20:32), Nell rojas, the best American and sixth Boston in October (2:27:12), and United States Top 10 Olympic Marathon Trials Kellyn taylor (2:24:28 personal best) and Stephanie bruce (2:27:47 PB). From Canada is an Olympian and national record holder Malindi Elmore and double Olympian Natasha Wodak, while Charlotte purdue of Britain is the fastest European on the pitch and the third fastest British marathoner of all time (2:23:26).

Schär (Switzerland) and Rozario (Australia), who have dominated the marathon distance in recent years. Schär won five Paralympic medals (two gold) and his third victory in the Boston Marathon at the October 125.e edition, while de Rozario won Paralympic gold in the marathon, then made history by becoming the first Australian to win the TCS New York City Marathon last fall. Schär also holds the world record and the Boston Marathon course record of 1:28:17, set in 2017.

“It’s always very exciting to come back to Boston“said Schär.” It will probably be the first race after a very intense 2021 season so it will be good to see where I am. I can’t wait to get back on the road. “

Also competing in the women’s wheelchair division, five times Boston winner and 20 times Paralympic medalist Tatiana mcfadden (United States), reigning Paralympic Marathon bronze medalist Nikita den Boer (Netherlands), Paralympic 5000m gold medal Susannah Scaroni (United States) and five times Boston champion Wakako Tsuchida (Japan).

Top graduates return to para-athletics divisions as US Olympian Liz willis and from Brazil Tayana pasos defend their lower limbs and visually impaired division titles from the 125e Boston Marathon. Accomplished trail runner Jacky Hunt Broersma will also compete in the T64 division. During the pandemic, Hunt-Broersma became the first athlete with a lower limb disability to run 100 miles on a treadmill, setting a world record of 23 hours and 38 minutes, and in 2020 she was named to the Boston Marathon Honor Team.

The full field of professional female athletes registered in 126e The Boston Marathon can be found below. The male professional field will come out on Thursday January 13. More information on the 50e The anniversary of the 1972 Women’s Premier League will also be announced in the coming months.

For the 37e year, John hancock will be the main sponsor of the Boston Marathon. The men’s professional field will be announced on Thursday January 13.





Fathers Jepchirchir

2:17:16 (Valencia, 2020)


Joyciline Jepkosgei

2:17:43 (London, 2021)


Degitu Azimeraw

2:17:58 (London, 2021)


Roza Dereje

2:18:30 (Valencia, 2019)


Zeineba Yimer

2:19:28 (Valencia, 2019)


Edna Kiplagat ^

2:19:50 (London, 2012)


Tigiste Girma

2:19:52 (Amsterdam, 2019)


Maurine Chepkemoi

2:20:18 (Amsterdam, 2021)


Sara Room

2:20:32 (Chandler, 2020)

United States

Desiree Linden

2:22:38 (Boston, 2011)

United States

Viola Cheptoo

2:22:44 (New York, 2021)


Changwony purity

2:22:46 (Ampugnano, 2021)


Charlotte purdue

2:23:26 (London, 2021)


Kellyn taylor

2:24:28 (Duluth, 2018)

United States

Molly seidel

2:24:42 (New York, 2021)

United States

Malindi Elmore ^

2:24:50 (Houston, 2020)


Marie Ngugi

2:25:20 (Boston, 2021)


Monicah Ngige

2:25:32 (Boston, 2021)


Natasha Wodak ^

2:26:19 (Chandler, 2020)


Nell rojas

2:27:12 (Boston, 2021)

United States

Stephanie bruce

2:27:47 (Chicago, 2019)

United States

Dakotah lindwurm

2:29:04 (Duluth, 2021)

United States

Roberta Groner ^

2:29:09 (Rotterdam, 2019)

United States

Angie Orjuela

2:29:12 (Valencia, 2020) NR


Bria wetsch

2:29:50 (Chandler, 2020)

United States

Maegan krifchin

2:30:17 (Chicago, 2021)

United States

Elaine tabb

2:30:33 (Boston, 2021)

United States

Lexie thompson

2:30:37 (Philadelphia, 2021)

United States

Kate Landau ^

2:31:56 (Boston, 2019)

United States

Sydney devore

2:32:39 (Pittsburgh, 2018)

United States

Kodi Kleven

2:32:45 (St. George, 2021)


Briana Boehmer ^

2:33:20 (Sacramento, 2021)

United States

Caitlin phillips

2:34:43 (Berlin, 2019)

United States

Kate bazeley

2:36:43 (Chicago, 2021)


Kathy derks

2:36:47 (Carmel, 2021)

United States

Maria Vélez

2:37:04 (Valencia, 2021)


Rachel hyland

2:37:22 (Sacramento, 2018)

United States

Powers of Ashlee

2:38:20 (Chandler, 2020)

United States

Kayla lamp

2:38:25 (Chicago, 2021)

United States

Ali Lavender

2:38:41 (Berlin, 2021)


Annmarie tuxbury

2:39:05 (Atlanta, 2020)

United States

Erika Fleuhr

2:39:31 (Sacramento, 2021)

United States

Lindsay Nelson

2:39:33 (Chandler, 2020)

United States

Paula pridgen

2:39:34 (Duluth, 2021)

United States

Abby hamilton

2:39:36 (Portland, 2021)

United States

Joanna thompson

2:39:47 (New York, 2021)

United States

Ziyang Liu

2:40:17 (Carmel, 2021)


Rena elmer

2:40:21 (Indianapolis, 2019)

United States

Marie denholm

2:41:08 (Atlanta, 2021)

United States

Gina Rouse ^

2:41:19 (Boston, 2019)

United States

Katie kellner

2:41:42 (Atlanta, 2020)

United States

Laurie Knowles ^

2:41:58 (Atlanta, 2020)

United States

Angela Moll ^

2:43:18 (Sacramento, 2019)

United States

Hilary Corno ^

2:45:07 (Boston, 2021)

United States

Jennifer Hughes ^

2:45:28 (Sacramento, 2019)

United States

Sara Ibbetson ^

2:46:08 (Indianapolis, 2019)

United States

Aisling wrist

Debut (1:12:57 Demi)

United States

Athletes with ^ next to their names are Masters athletes (40+)





Manuela Schär

1:28:17 (Boston, 2017) WR / CR


Susannah Scaroni

1:30:42 (Duluth, 2019)

United States

Madison de Rozario

1:31:11 (Tokyo Paralympic Games, 2021)


Tatiana mcfadden

1:31:30 (Duluth, 2019)

United States

Jenna fesemyer

1:37:02 (Duluth, 2019)

United States

Shell wood

1:37:44 (Padua, 2008)


Nikita den Boer

1:38:16 (Tokyo Paralympic Games, 2021)


Wakako Tsuchida

1:38:32 (Oita, 2001)


Margriet van den Broek

1:38:33 (Boston, 2017)


Arielle Rausin

1:40:51 (Duluth, 2019)

United States

Merle Marie Menje

1:44:51 (London, 2021)


Vanessa de Souza

1:45:19 (Oita, 2018)


Michelle wheeler

1:45:55 (Oita, 2018)

United States

Yen Hoang

1:51:24 (Boston, 2021)

United States

Eva houston

2:41:52 (Boston, 2021)

United States






Tayana Passos



T13 (Visual impairment)

Liz willis


United States

T64 (Weakening of the lower limbs)

Jacky Hunt Broersma

11:38 p.m. for 100 km. WR


T64 (Weakening of the lower limbs)


Founded in 1887, the Boston Athletic Association is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote healthy lifestyles through sport, especially running. The BAA runs the Boston Marathon and supports comprehensive charitable programming, for youth and year round. The Boston Marathon is part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors, along with the International Marathons of Tokyo, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City. Since 1986, the main sponsor of the Boston Marathon has been John hancock. The 126e The Boston Marathon will take place on Monday, April 18, 2022. For more information on the BAA, please visit www.baa.org.

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