Olympic gold medalist to school principal, Portal tells PM Modi’s ‘inspiring’ story via those who know him


You can now draw inspiration from the personal stories of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s life journey. A voluntary initiative, an online portal has collected “inspiring” stories related to the Prime Minister and told by those who know him and have interacted with him over the years.

The portal called modistory.in has been launched. Announcing the launch of MODI STORY, a volunteer-led initiative to collect inspiring moments from the life of Narendra Modi, as told by his fellow travelers. Inaugurated by Smt. Sumitra Gandhi Kulkarni, granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi,” the portal tweeted from its Twitter account.

The website shares stories, experiences and anecdotes related to Prime Minister Modi by people from all walks of life. Be it Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra or commuter ace Pullela Gopichand, they have all shared their experiences with the Prime Minister.

Former BJP colleagues who knew him as a party official as well as his school principal shared their anecdotes about him. Party leader Manoranjan Kalia of Punjab, a state Modi managed early in his political career as a party member, recalls the prime minister’s shrewd understanding of the election campaign and his advice that they should wear caramels for the children during these trips.

Rasbihari Maniyar, his school principal in Vadnagar, Gujarat, and Sharda Prajapati, where he often stayed in the 1990s on his tours, also spoke about their interactions.

Maniyar notes the prime minister’s deep feelings for the country’s armed forces and how, as a young student, he came to him with an application form at the Sainik school. Some shared their first experiences of Modi’s motivation to work for the country as he traveled to work for the party.

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