Olympic medalist Chaunte Lowe tells how she beat breast cancer


Chaunte Lowe said she was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer at age 35.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas— Alliance Rose Valley of Brazos held their Surviving and Thriving lunch on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 28.

October has always been breast cancer awareness month across the country. Many groups and organizations make a conscious effort to raise awareness of breast cancer research, support and share the stories of survivors who have overcome the disease.

Chaunte Lowe, an Olympic medalist in the high jump, spoke at Wednesday’s lunch in front of more than 600 people attending the event.

She was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at age 35.

Lowe shared details about her athletics career, her diagnosis and the steps she has taken in her fight against the disease. The former Olympic track and field star also shared that her biggest supporters are her three children, Mario, Aurora and Jasmine.

Lowe said she felt like she had two paths ahead of her after receiving her diagnosis: give up or fight.

Instead of giving in, she chose to fight back and eventually defeated the disease.

“When I started calculating these stats, I wasn’t going to go back to the Olympics and train. I was done, I was ready to retire. I had everything I wanted from a career in athletics, but when I realized I had this diagnosis, I knew I could use this platform to spread this message around the world,” Lowe said.

Pink Alliance organizers claimed to have raised around $1 million for their organization during Wednesday’s lunch.

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