Popularity of mainland Olympic stars visiting Hong Kong causes ticket website to crash


Athletes from China and Hong Kong pose for photos together after the awards ceremony for the women’s table tennis event. (Photo: Xinhua)

After the Hong Kong Olympic delegation achieved historic results in Tokyo this summer, a visit by Olympic stars from the mainland is expected to impress the Special Administrative Region again on December 4. .

The 29 mainland Olympic stars include table tennis player Ma Long who won his second Olympic gold in men’s singles in Tokyo, sprinter Su Bingtian who made history and has been dubbed “the Asian flying man. “, as well as gold medalist fencer Sun Yiwen. Also in attendance will be weightlifter Lü Xiaojun, who broke the record and won another gold medal at the age of 37 this summer. Three coaches are also part of the delegation.

Ticket sales started at 10 a.m., but a local resident named Cheung told the Global Times that the ticket website quickly went down and she couldn’t log in until 11 a.m. in the morning. The ticket hotline was still busy.

Such visits have become routine for decades to improve trade between the mainland and Hong Kong. Tickets for each of this year’s events sell for HK $ 20 ($ 2.57).

The scale of this year’s events is smaller and there will be no face-to-face interactions due to COVID-19 control requirements, Hong Kong officials said earlier.

But the audience’s enthusiasm has not been dampened, and people like Zhang who failed to get a ticket will be able to watch the event via the broadcast.

The Olympic delegation will visit primary and secondary schools before returning to the mainland, depending on the arrangement.

Cynthia Wong told the Global Times that she is delighted to watch the athletes, which is a tradition of such exchanges. Wong developed an interest in table tennis in 2016 and recalled that year that the national team put on a fun “performance” with four paddlers circling around the table.

On that year’s visit, badminton player Lin Dan competed with three teenagers from Hong Kong at the event as divers from the mainland wowed audiences with their skills and entertained them with “jumps. clumsy “.

Sport can unite people and build solidarity and the visit of Olympic athletes to the mainland will take the pride of Hong Kong people in the nation to a new high, observers said.

The city also had its best results since the handover in 1997 – a gold medal in fencing for Edgar Cheung Ka-long and two silver medals in swimming for Siobhan Bernadette Haughey.

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