Providence Bar Brawl Video Goes Viral


Is it just me, or does society seem in a fighting mood these days? Everyone appears on edge, and the slightest provocation can spark a heartbreaking brawl.

WBSM News recently reported on a fight in the stands at a New Bedford High School football game against Taunton High.

Over the weekend, a fight between two Maryland high schools, the Gaithersburg Trojans and the Northwest Jaguars, resulted in injuries and the suspension of football programs at both schools.

Recently, a fight broke out at a high school football game between players, fans and parents in Dallas.

Alright, that’s football.

What about the recent fight at Walt Disney World over alleged line cuts? Last month, the police had to evacuate the garages of Universal Studios in Orlando following a fight between minors.

School fights. Fast food fights. Street fights involving bikers in Austin, Texas. Families mingle at weddings and baby showers.

All of these things find their way to social media. Maybe that’s the link. Could the most violent among us audition for social media audiences? I leave that to the shrinks.

The Providence Board of Licenses will return to a recent fight at the Mi Sueno Musica & Restaurante on Board Street. The video of the fight has gone viral. The story itself drew the attention of Tucker Carlson tonight on Fox News on September 13, 2022.

Video from the Mi Sueno Musica & Restaurante melee shows people fighting each other, throwing furniture and bottles, and generally destroying the place. When the police arrived, the fighting was over and no one was willing to cooperate with investigators.

Providence TV station WJAR 10 reported a Providence man arrested after police discovered a gun in his fanny pack.

ABC 6 reported that Mi Sueno was cleared to reopen for the weekend after agreeing to hire extra security, temporarily use paper or plastic cups and postpone a car show scheduled for the weekend.

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