SAPD data reveals prevalence of car burglaries in popular SA location


SAN ANTONIO – KENS 5 got new numbers on reported burglaries and car thefts, in the city and at a popular location in San Antonio.

This is on the heels of a recent crime, at RIM, which attracted a lot of attention. At last stop, San Antonio police are still looking for a man who broke into a Tesla and allegedly stole Olympic medals from a Paralympian’s car.

The medals were found, but not the suspect. The victim, Jen Lee, still hasn’t gotten her medals back. SAPD told KENS 5 on Tuesday that they plan to return those medals perhaps later this week.

KENS 5 conducted an interview with a man named Chris. He didn’t want to show his face on camera and works at a company in the RIM mall. He said his truck had been broken into recently and said he was not alone.

“They hit them fast and pop the locks,” he said. They pretty much ransacked my entire truck.”

For vehicle thefts, trucks top the list. According to SAPD, the top three stolen vehicles in San Antonio are all trucks.

  • Ford F-Series Pickup Truck
  • Chevrolet Pickup Truck, All Models
  • Dodge Ram Series Pickup

Through a request, SAPD emailed KENS 5 the number of burglaries and vehicle thefts in San Antonio. KENS 5 looked at the city as a whole and RIM’s main address.

The San Antonio Police Department said the medals were dropped off at a San Antonio fire station. However, no arrests have been made. Authorities are working to obtain fingerprints from the medals in an effort to locate the suspect.

Jessica Lopez, CEO of RIM made the following statement:

“RIM’s retail areas are monitored 24/7 by a quality security team who are in constant communication with local law enforcement. The safety of our customers and the community is our number one priority. “

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