Sierra Leone: World Hope International Gives Hope to Physically Challenge Children, Aims to Spot Next Paralympic Starby Concord Times


Physiotherapist and program director for World Hope International, Anna Vines, said the Enable the Children program for children with physical disabilities in Sierra Leone aims to give hope to children and also aims to identify the next star in Paralympic sports. from Sierra Leone.

The one-day sporting event held at the grounds of the X-Ray Arena, SS Camp, Regent by his organization gave children the opportunity to participate and show off their sporting talent in events like soccer, handball, egg and spoon, music and chair among others.

“It’s about giving children the opportunity to have fun because disability is not a disability and wants them to showcase their sporting talent, which can also help sports authorities catch them young and getting the next Paralympic or Special Olympics stars from Sierra Leone,” Vines added that Juan Jackson, who recently competed at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, was spotted at one of their events.

According to Anna Vines, the Enable the Children program which began in 2007 has helped provide in-home therapy, psychosocial support to their families and given them the opportunity to play, which is one of the basic fundamentals of ‘a kid.

She called on members of the sports family not to scatter children with disabilities but rather to encourage them to get involved in sports and explore their talent.

Susan Kargbo, Child Protection Officer for the National Commission for Children, said working with World Hope International is always a pleasure, especially in giving children the opportunity to play.

She said they were working with other agencies as well as World Hope International to give children their basic rights. “As a Commission, we are really happy with this endeavor that World Hope International is doing and seeing children with different disabilities engage in series if sporting activities are not because it gives them hope. and the smiles on their faces tell the story,” she said. .

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