Special Olympics Bharat Maharashtra signs MoU with SOHFIT


Fittingly celebrating their 5th anniversary with a commitment to building inclusion through sport, Sohrab Khushrushahi’s SOHFIT has partnered with the Special Olympics movement. The Memorandum of Understanding between SOHFIT and Special Olympics Bharat, Maharashtra (SOB Maharashtra) offers SOB Maharashtra coaches the opportunity to learn SOHFIT methods and movements through specially designed programs by Coach Sohrab Khushrushahi. Apart from this, SOHFIT is also committed to creating inclusive opportunities with its community and SOB Maharashtra special athletes in the coming year.

The collaboration between SO Bharat Maharashtra and SOHFIT would improve fitness levels and make “fitness” accessible to a cross section of SOB Maharashtra athletes by making it easy and equipment free. The collaboration will create a platform for training and interactive sessions between SOB Maharashtra and SOHFIT coaches.

Speaking on the collaboration, Ms. Sandra Vaz, Area Director SO Bharat Maharashtra said, “Fitness for our disabled athletes is the new mantra of Special Olympics Bharat Maharashtra. With the SOHFIT health and wellness program , we will achieve our goal. SOHFIT trains without equipment; this concept will be beneficial for our schools as most do not have the funds to purchase equipment. We are happy to sign an MoU with SOHFIT and to work with a common vision to improve athletes’ fitness and performance accordingly.” The collaboration comes on the back of SOHFIT, completing a five-year journey in the quest to make fitness fun and accessible to everyone. Today, the coaches of SO Bharat Maharashtra attended a training session with SOHFIT to imbibe their philosophy in their training of special athletes.

Coach Sohrab Khushrushahi added, “I am so honored to collaborate with Special Olympics Bharat Maharashtra. When I interacted with the coaches and athletes in the program, I realized that this could be a perfect platform for SOHFIT to share his goal of being inclusive. I look forward to engaging with coaches and kids during our scheduled interactive sessions.” SOHFIT’s highly personalized and individually tailored programs focus on simplicity and getting back to basics. Through this collaboration, bringing these mentally challenged athletes to interact and engage with the SOHFIT community of fitness enthusiasts will result in symbiotic learning for all, with sport and fitness acting as an elixir of inclusion and positive change. (ANI)

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