launches its “Be the Queen” program to help women find true love in a post-Covid world


Austin, Texas–(Newsfile Corp. – June 13, 2022) – The ‘Be the queen’ The program, launched by life coach couple Stefanos Sifandos and Christine Hassler, aims to help women find love and overcome struggles with loneliness, self-esteem and relationship dissatisfaction, as well as to heal wounds from past relationships. A surprising 70% of the personal development industry consists of women, and Sifandos and Hassler have consistently found that a number of their clients’ problems can be traced to relationship and dating issues. The “Be the Queen” program aims to relieve a sore spot for many people seeking help in this area.

The 15-week program is designed for single women who are frustrated with dating and yearn for a healthy, mutually committed relationship. Sifandos and Hassler bring their years of experience in relationship coaching and general wellness practices to help women on their journey to gain clarity in mind, body, and spirit. Additionally, they address issues of being disenfranchised with dating and dating apps, desperation, and the social construction of “femininity,” all of which erode their self-esteem and confidence. has applied its experience in personal development and behavioral sciences to help special forces soldiers, Olympic gold medalists, and more. Likewise, Hassler has been a life coach specializing in spiritual psychology for more than fifteen years, having written three books, hosted a variety of wellness retreats, and hosted a podcast.

“In today’s world, there is a lot of shame and loss of confidence that can be associated with being single, and likewise, with opening up your desire to be in a relationship to long term. Through our “Be the Queen” program, we help women heal old wounds and overcome limiting beliefs about their relationship prospects. Every person deserves a fulfilling and healthy relationship. An essential part of our course is about teaching the women we work with to appreciate that,” Sifandos points out.

The course includes nine live coaching calls that are conducted with a small, intimate group of women. As part of the program, participants have access to private social media groups, where they can share advice and feel connected to a larger community of people going through the same process as them.’s approach to personal development and life coaching aims to help women with a range of psychological, emotional and spiritual issues that may underlie their relationship difficulties. However, throughout their relationship coaching work, Sifandos and Hassler emphasize a key message that makes their “Be the Queen” program unique: “In order to improve our relationships with others, we must first elevate the relationship that arguably matters most – our relationship with ourselves.”

In a 2019 survey of the 15% of American adults who are single and looking for a relationship, the large majority said they were dissatisfied with their love life. In a post-Covid world, dating has become an even more difficult process. Moreover, women are twice as likely as men say that dating is harder now than it was ten years ago. The innovative “Be the Queen” program aims to tackle this problem head on and has already paved the way for a range of women to immerse themselves in happier and more fulfilling relationships.

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