Stoughton Company equips beekeepers with technologies to fight endangered bee populations | Economic news


Morris, also an electrical engineer by training, operates BroodMinder with his wife and co-owner Laura Davis, project manager Steve Cantley and about five other employees responsible for quality control, marketing, design, writing and engineering.

He affectionately called Davis the “queen bee” and referred to himself as the “lead bumblebee” – another word for male bees.

The company also employs students during the summer, Davis said.

Prior to BroodMinder, Morris worked for Madison-based product research and development company bb7 with Cantley. Morris brought with him decades of experience in conceptualizing devices for scientists, healthcare professionals and consumers.

Rich Morris shows data from beehive monitors on his phone.

At bb7, Morris and Cantley helped study populations of people with bone disease. It was an opportunity to identify problems and needs within these populations, the result being new drugs and treatments, Cantley said.

He thought that the principles of population analysis could also be applied to bees.

“If you don’t measure, you don’t learn,” Morris said.

BroodMinder now sells most of its products online, but the occasional passer-by will stop in the physical space of the business where they can see the devices in person.

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