Tanzania: Njopeka sees success in pre-Commonwealth Games


SAUDA Njopeka, one of the country’s flag bearers in the upcoming Disabled Athletes Qualifying Program for the pre-Commonwealth Games, said she was well trained for the event ahead of her flag this Friday.

She had no more words than to say that she is well prepared for battle.

“Sport is what I love the most in my life, athletics in particular,” Njopeka said as he received his round-trip plane ticket before leaving tomorrow for South Africa.

Before participating in the games, she will follow a special program that will take participants through special training before being entered into a competition.

Hundreds of participants from different countries will compete for places in the Birmingham Commonwealth Games for the Disabled later this year.

Njopeka will leave alongside his coach, Bahati Mgunda under the auspices of the Tanzania Olympic Committee (TOC).

TOC Vice-Chairman Henry Tandau said yesterday that his committee, in the interest of the country, had asked the Commonwealth Games body to include Tanzanian disabled athletes in the qualifying heats before they don’t travel to England for the big event.

He said the governing body of the Commonwealth does not grant an opportunity to every country, only to those with special consideration. Out of 72 Commonwealth member countries, only 12 countries will field athletes with disabilities at the event.

Apart from the duo, Tanzania, according to Tandau, will also have two more chances for disabled athletes and a coach who will also take part in the weightlifting qualifying series in Birmingham days before the start of the Games.

Speaking ahead of their departure, Mgunda, an all-time experienced coach, said Njopeka is experienced enough to do wonders in her rankings.

Having participated in the same category at the previous Olympic Games held in London and Tokyo and at the Tunisian Grand Prix was enough to qualify her for the South African event.

“We are focused on seizing this opportunity and getting marks that will take us to the Disabled Commonwealth Games,” Mgunda said.

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