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The Fijian Sports Association and the National Olympic Committee (FASANOC) through its Athletes Commission and Athlete and Community Engagement Program (ACE) reaffirmed its commitment to the Olympism 365 strategy of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) .

Executive Director Lorraine Mar said FASANOC is already committed to strengthening the role of sport as an important catalyst for the United Nations SDGs.

FASANOC, through its ACE program, proactively advocates for four of the SDGs, namely good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality and the fight against climate change, ”he said. she declared.

“The program saw athletes take a proactive approach to encourage, engage and empower sport leaders and communities in Fiji in upholding Olympic values, the true spirit of sport and other social messages. “

“The ACE Fiji program has been recognized by the IOC for championing this cause and we are very proud of our champions and the work they do.

“When COVID-19 hit our shores and awareness activities could not be mobilized, the ACE team recorded TV commercials and these were broadcast on Fiji TV to raise awareness.

“The FASANOC commissions have also worked hard to ensure that the United Nations SDGs are part of their social responsibilities. “

According to their press release, Olympism 365 applies the fundamental principles of Olympism and aligns with local aid investment plans, development plans and other initiatives aligned with the SDGs. Olympism 365 reports on the progress made by the IOC and its stakeholders over the past 20 years to contribute to a peaceful and better world through sport.

It also positions the ambitions of the Olympic Movement to remain relevant in the current global context, which has been exacerbated by the global pandemic.

IOC President Thomas Bach said that sport has great social significance as it is the glue that binds communities together. “The Olympic values ​​enshrined in the Olympic Charter and which guide the work of our movement are more relevant than ever,” said Bach.

“They come alive not only during the Olympics, but every day, everywhere. It is our duty to ensure that governments and the entire international community continue to invest in sport and its irreplaceable values.

“With the adoption of Olympism 365, we will create and strengthen partnerships that will allow us to further contribute to building a better world through sport, together.”

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