The WBA joins the Court of Arbitration for Sport in a process of transparency


WBA chiefs have revealed a decision aimed at ensuring the future of the organization can be held accountable after a series of high-profile criticisms.

Too many titles, ranking questions, a judge suspended for racism and an ugly scoreboard have recently blighted the WBA.

Therefore, they have taken action when releasing the following information.


The World Boxing Association (WBA) has officially joined the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in a new step by the pioneering body to ensure transparency and justice in the world of sport.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport is a respected institution established in 1984 to settle disputes during the Olympics of that year. However, time has led to its growth and encompassing different branches on the global stage.

The CAS has its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, and courts in New York, USA; Sydney, Australia; and Panama City, among others.

“The WBA has long sought access to CAS as a way to bring new resources of justice and transparency to boxers and everyone involved in the sport. We are thrilled to have entered this system and delivered a new resource.

CAS is a respectable institution involved in anti-doping cases, FIFA World Cup cases or Olympic Games decisions; it will bring many benefits,” stressed the president of the organization, Gilberto Jesús Mendoza.


The entry of the WBA into this system is a means of resolving conflicts once internal resources have been exhausted. The entity makes its entry effective and formally establishes that its decisions can be appealed through the CAS so that the decision of this body is final, final and definitive.

Athletes or any interested party can appeal by their means in one of the three available languages ​​(English, French and Spanish) and designate their lawyer to proceed.

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