Toyota claims most-viewed car ad in Olympic context


Toyota and Chevrolet each claim two positions in’s ranking of most viewed automotive ads – the ads that generated the most impressions on national broadcasts and on cable television.

Toyota tops the list for the week of February 7 with one of its two “Start Your Impossible” campaign spots, but only just. Toyota’s “Ice Match” outperforms Chevrolet’s “Taco Truck” by just 714,184 impressions.

The two automakers’ four ads ran almost exclusively during the Winter Olympics, which generated 90% of the total impressions generated between them.

According to data from iSpot’s Ace Metrix survey, Toyota’s ‘Start Your Impossible’ campaign resonates with viewers as ‘inspiring’ and ‘heartfelt’, while characters featured in the spots have been named the ‘best thing about ads twice as much as the industry. standards.

But Chevrolet’s “Walter in Winter” ad clearly takes the lead in terms of viewer reaction. The ad’s overall Ace scores are 15.5% above industry standards – the highest of the five on the list – particularly for “attention” (17.4% above industry standards), “sympathy” (+20.3%) and “visibility” (+11.2%).

Hyundai completes the list again with “History of Evolution”, featuring Jason Bateman promoting the Ioniq 5 BEV. It is the only location on the list that aired during the Super Bowl pre-game segments.

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Toyota: Start Your Impossible: Match on Ice

Impressions: 233,027,071

Interrupt rate: 1.35%

Attention Index: 122

Is. TV expenses: $14,829,492

Chevrolet: Taco Truck

Impressions: 232,312,887

Interruption rate: 2.16%

Attention Index: 110

Is. TV expenses: $12,586,003

Toyota: Begin Your Impossible: Nice Move

Impressions: 171,542,684

Break rate: 2.83%

Attention Index: 106

Is. TV expenses: $16,614,737

Chevrolet: Walter in winter

Impressions: 162,666,322

Interruption rate: 3.07%

Attention Index: 115

Is. TV expenses: $18,006,036

Hyundai: history of evolution

Impressions: 146,259,169

Interrupt rate: 2.18%

Attention Index: 122

Is. TV expenses: $3,434,140

Data provided by iSpot.tvMeasurement of TV Ads for Disruptive Brands

*Data from Ace Metrix automotive industry standards measured within the last 90 days.

Television impressions – Total number of TV ad impressions delivered for the brand or spot.

Interrupt rate – The speed at which the audience present at the start of your ad disengages before it ends.

Attention Index – A comparison of your ad’s interruption rate against your specific media placement. Attention Score is measured on a scale of 0-200, where 100 is the average and means your ad is working as expected.

Is. National TV expenditure – Amount spent on TV broadcasts of brand spots.

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