Trump’s legal team on election fraud led by laymen


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President Donald Trump’s campaign would set up a series of lawsuits alleging electoral fraud to challenge his electoral defeat, but many leaders in this quickly organized national legal effort – which most experts say will have little or no luck of success – are not lawyers.


The campaign has brought in some attorneys to lead its recount efforts and electoral fraud prosecutions in key states like Pennsylvania and Georgia, Axios reported, and Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani as well. seems to be involved.

Trump’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

Key context

Since election day, the Trump campaign has threatened legal action to challenge the counting of mail-in ballots and election results, in keeping with Trump’s story of false allegations of voter fraud and repeated threats to vote. not accept an election result that he does not like. So far, experts say many of these legal challenges are on track to sparkle. Allegations of electoral fraud are generally met with skepticism, and judges have already dismissed several post-election lawsuits regarding voter fraud and observer access Nevada, Georgia and Michigan last week due to a lack of evidence. The campaign marked a legal victory in Pennsylvania last week which allowed its poll watchers to see the counting process up close, and Giuliani plans to bring a trial alleging (apparently without solid evidence) Election observers have been denied access in the state, but these challenges are much more limited and are unlikely to affect election results.

What to watch out for

Trump wants the Supreme Court order Pennsylvania throw away mail-in ballots that arrived after polling day as part of a challenge to a state court decision that allowed the counting of ballots that arrived on Friday as long as they were stamped mail on polling day. This challenge is also unlikely to change the outcome of the election, however. President-elect Joe Biden’s 45,000 votes ahead in Pennsylvania does not include late ballots, which were separated by county election officials, and most counties received very few late votes, the state said.


Some anonymous campaign officials acknowledge that these challenges are unlikely to work, and instead treat them as a way to fulfill Trump’s desire to fight and have him claim that he hasn’t actually lost, the Washington post reported. The campaign’s strategy of pursuing small-scale lawsuits with a limited chance of success, led by people without significant legal training, may indicate a focus on public relations rather than legal victories.

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