USA Hockey Foundation’s newest board members look forward to continued growth


While bringing unique experiences and perspectives to the table, the three new members of the American Hockey Foundation The board shares one thing with certainty: their undying love for the game.

Stan Hubbard, Bryant McBride and Ellen Weinberg-Hughes donate a lot of talent to the Foundation, the nonprofit philanthropic arm of USA Hockey that “provides long-term financial support to USA Hockey and promotes the growth of hockey in the United States.”

“It’s great to welcome Bryant, Ellen and Stan,” said Pat Kelleher, CEO of USA Hockey and the USA Hockey Foundation. “Their varied experience and perspective brings significant benefits to our mission to provide lasting support for USA Hockey. We are extremely grateful to our entire Board of Directors, all of those who volunteer their talents and time to help advance the game of hockey across the country.

If the attendance numbers are any indication, the game is pretty healthy, with USA Hockey’s current attendance numbers now surpassing pre-pandemic ones.

“The Foundation has done tremendous work to grow the game of hockey across the country,” Weinberg-Hughes said. “And I really look forward to helping them continue to develop the great game of hockey that I’m so passionate about.”

Hubbard wholeheartedly agreed that hockey continues to thrive in the United States

“The proof is in the pudding, isn’t it?” said Hubbard. “Hockey is very successful in the United States. I come in with an open mind, not my own agenda, but to step in and understand more of the history and understand more of the current direction and figure out where my voice can weigh in the best and be an appropriate influence.

McBride said he was excited to join the board and be part of the sport’s growth.

“I’m very excited about this because there are so many opportunities out there. The game is evolving,” McBride said. inside.”

The job apparently isn’t done either. McBride sees USA Hockey expanding its impact in the near future.

“As much as it grows, I think there’s incredible potential for upside, further growth,” he said. “I’m so optimistic about what this game does for kids and families, people. To contribute a little is a real honor.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors includes 17 members and the diverse group includes, among others, the owner of the Minnesota Wild Craig Leipoldco-founder of Compuware Peter Karmanos Jr.and US Olympic Gold Medalist AJ Mleczko Griswold.

The three new board members have had their own successful careers.

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