Uyghur News Recap: March 3-9, 2022


The Olympic committee accused of double standards in its contrasting attitude towards Russia and China

Critics accused the International Olympic Committee of “gross hypocrisy” for its silence on the human rights of Uighurs in China after the organization responded to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by calling for the exclusion of Russian athletes from international sporting events.

Nearly 800 Uyghurs detained in internment camps for praying

According to an official from Manas, a county in northern Xinjiang with a Uighur population of less than 7,000, nearly 800 Uyghurs were detained in an internment camp for what were called “serious crimes” which allegedly included prayer. Beijing has said in the past that facilities holding Uyghurs are vocational training centers.

China hosts UN human rights chief in Xinjiang in May

In front of the UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet’s planned visit to Xinjiang, China’s ambassador to the UN, Chen Xu, said Beijing would work with the UN human rights office “to prepare well for this visit”. He added, however, that freedom of expression cannot put “anyone above the law”.

Activists ask UN rights chief for report on Xinjiang

200 rights groups have called on the UN human rights chief to vacate her office conclusions on the human rights situation in Xinjiang ahead of his planned visit to the Uyghur region of China.

US urges China to give UN rights chief ‘unfettered’ access to Xinjiang region

The United States has called on Beijing to give the UN rights office “free and unsupervised access” in the Uyghur region of China.

Uyghur university professor jailed for 10 years for translations

Radio Free Asia reports confirmation that a university professor is serving a 10-year prison sentence to “marginalize the national culture” and “attempt to divide the country”. His articles and the translation of Western books were the basis of the charges.

Amazon accused of selling company products linked to Uyghur forced labor

Tech Transparency Project, a nonprofit group, accused Amazon of working with suppliers in China allegedly linked to Uyghur forced labor. Amazon told Business Insider “whenever we find or receive evidence of forced labor, we take action.”

China moved Uyghurs from internment camps to prisons

Official statistics from Chinese government courts in Xinjiang show that Uyghurs are transferred from “re-education” camps to prisonswhich analysts say is a sign that Beijing is changing its strategy towards the Uyghurs.

China warns Norway over decision to divest

After The Norwegian sovereign wealth fund has decided to sell its stake in a company implicated in the use of Uyghur forced labor, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has called this justification a “huge lie”.

News in brief

Two refugees, Ibrahim Abliz, a Uyghur, and Ersin Erkinuly, a Kazakh, fled China in search of a safe country, only to find themselves in the midst of war in Ukraine. They shared their experiences with VOA in a story about their journey from China to Ukraine and beyond in their continued search for a safe haven.

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“I am in so much pain now. This world is so big, but there is no place where we can stay in peace,” Ersin Erkinuly told VOA from a cell in Estonia. “I just want to live a normal life. I implore you to help me.”

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