Videoslots joins IBIA to safeguard the integrity of sport



Videoslots, a company specializing in gaming and betting solutions, has become the latest member of the International Betting Integrity Association through its dedicated sports betting platform. Accordingly, Videoslots Sports will participate in IBIA’s efforts to maintain, regulate and protect the sport globally.

IBIA Welcomes Video Slots to the Ranks

Videoslots is just the latest bookmaker to pledge its support for the ambitious task IBIA has set itself to root out fraud at all levels of competition. Sports betting operators that are part of the association have reported global revenue of over $137 billion, and with the Qatar 2022 World Cup on the cards, commercial and online betting revenue is expected. continue to increase.

Additionally, Videoslots will make a valuable contribution to the fight against corruption as it operates in many top markets including Sweden, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Malta and the UK. Surprisingly, Europe is leading the way when it comes to suspicious betting signals that Videoslots will now submit to the body for further review and investigation.

Videoslots head of sports Martin Calleja welcomed the opportunity and said it was an important part of the company’s long-term strategy. Calleja explained:

The association’s network and representation of regulated betting operators is the ideal partner to strengthen our business protection protocols and to identify and punish betting-related corruption.

Martin Calleja, Sports Manager for Video Slots

The membership was also welcomed by IBIA CEO Khalid Ali who said Videoslots’ participation will have a huge impact in helping the organization monitor and track suspicious betting signals. Ali confirmed that the pair will work closely together to ensure customers remain protected against fraudulent betting activity.

Corruption in sport can be tackled

IBIA has been one of the strongest supporters of ensuring that sports are free from manipulation. The organization’s efforts have included working with sports bodies as well as athletes and educating people in the sports industry about the dangers of sports betting corruption and other event manipulation.

IBIA is proud to build a highly effective tool that allows it to quickly and effectively fight against corruption in sport. The organization works with a number of high profile international bodies in and outside sport, including the Council of Europe, the European Commission, the Olympic Integration Committee and the United Nations. Previously, IBIA added VBET and the company continues to actively establish new partnerships.

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