“We beat them on the first day”


Grant Hill was one of the few NCAA players brought in by the late Chuck Daly to face off with the “Dream Teamin 1992. The legendary head coach wanted to test how his collection of NBA superstars would adapt to adversity.

With Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson in the roster, everyone expected the NBA superstars to wipe out the college squad. However, NCAA players ended up beating them. The score would have ended 62-54 in possibly the biggest upset in basketball history.

Speaking on ‘The Herd with Colin Cowherd’ podcast, Hill described the feeling of taking on the players he looked up to at the time. He said:

“Me, with 8, 7 under college players, Bobby Hurley, Chris Webber, Penny Hardaway, Jamal Mashburn, just to name a few. We were brought in as sacrificial lambs to help prepare the dream Olympic team in 1992.”

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Hill also revealed what happened during that infamous melee:

“They [coaches] wanted us to get out there, play fast, shoot a lot of three-point shots and really give them a sense of what they would be up against in international play. Allan Houston caught fire. I was keeping Michael Jordan out the door, and we beat them on day one!

“We are the only team to beat the greatest team ever. It was one of the highlights of my career.”

The names launched by Grant Hill would go on to become NBA stars in their own right, but beating the “Dream Team” was something else.

Bobby Hurley, Chris Webber, Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway, Allan Houston and Eric Montross beat the Dream Team 62-54 as college players. We know what happened next.

Daly’s tactic worked when the Olympians realized they couldn’t let their rivalries get in the way of their goal of winning the gold medal in Barcelona.

Grant Hill also admitted that after the first scrimmage, they were almost never able to cross the halfway line against the determined NBA veterans.

After only winning bronze in 1988, USA unveiled their Dream Team roster 26 years ago today. It was the biggest team ever assembled. https://t.co/PQjykM065R

The Dream Team would go on to hammer the opposition in the 1992 Olympics, winning games by an average of 43.8 points.

Grant Hill is now the general manager of the USA men’s basketball team

Grant Hill is now the general manager of USA Basketball. [Photo: USA Basketball]
Grant Hill is now the general manager of USA Basketball. [Photo: USA Basketball]

The Detroit Pistons legend has come a long way since meeting that summer against Michael Jordan and the Dream Team. Last year, he was officially declared the successor to Jerry Colangelo as general manager of the USA men’s basketball team.

The two-time NCAA champion had this to say after the USA Basketball committee announced:

“It is a tremendous honor to serve as General Manager of the USA Basketball Men’s National Team.

“I look forward to working with the USA Basketball staff and Board of Directors to lead this organization so uniquely positioned to continue its growth and to develop and promote our best talent at events around the world.”

Hill continued:

“As a member of the 1996 Dream Team, I know the thrill and responsibility of representing our country. I am confident that USA Basketball will continue to showcase the best talent and the best players in our country. »

Kudos to General Manager Jerry Colangelo for rebuilding the United States Senior Men’s National Basketball Team program and demanding excellence. After winning four consecutive gold medals in 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020, Grant Hill is poised to take over. https://t.co/lH8XPVfRow

The person who led a group of college players to victory over the “Dream Team” will now be tasked with ensuring US Basketball’s dominance around the world.

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