We’ve simulated 20 seasons in Football Manager 2023: there’s a huge change in fortune at the Olympics


Now that Soccer Coach 2023 is officially outwe can all jump straight into the alternate soccer reality offered by the game. We simulated 20 years of FM23 and came across intriguing developments everywhere we looked, including the world’s biggest sporting event, the Olympic Games.

An Olympic gold medal is the highest peak an athlete can achieve in their career. Perhaps the only exception to this universal rule is football players, who have bigger fish to fry at world Cup. The Olympics may not be considered the holy grail of football, as they are in most other sports, but they are still held in high regard in the world of football. We couldn’t resist checking out what was going to happen, according to Soccer Coach 2023.

Five Olympic Games on four different continents have been staged in the 20 years covered by our simulation. These five editions have restored Europe as an Olympic power in football. The last European country to win gold was Spain when it hosted the Olympics in 1992. Since then gold medals have hung four times on South American necks, twice on African necks and once at North American necks, thanks to Mexico.

Soccer Coach 2023 says that all this will change. Four of the five Olympic Games in our simulation were won by nations from the Old Continent. France kicked it all off with back-to-back triumphs, beating Germany and Argentina respectively. Germany ended up on the right side of the final in 2032 at the expense of Spain.

FM23 was much more merciful to Brazil than FIFA 23The 2022 World Cup prediction. As EA’s title anticipates Brazilian grief in Qatar, in Soccer Coach 2023, Brazil is the only non-European country to come out on top. They also beat Argentina in the final, which always adds flavor to a Brazilian dish.

Spain are the most recent European nation to win the Olympic Games and came full circle when they won the gold medals in the last tournament of our simulation. Their opponent in the 2040 final was actually the biggest surprise we came across as Ecuador nearly upended the odds of winning it all.

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European countries are doing even better Europe championship, Believe it or not. If you thirst for more Soccer Coach 2023 simulations, we also covered Copa Americathe Africa Cup of Nationsthe Champions League and Europa League.

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