Which US states are home to the most Olympic medalists?



The United States leads the medal table at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in both swimming and overall.

Take a look at which states have won the most gold for Team USA since 1896, over 60 Summer and Winter Games in total.

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California athletes have kept the gold rush going, amassing 491 Olympic gold medals since 1896. This is almost double the amount that New York, the state with the 2nd highest number of gold medals in the country. , won (246).

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California is home to 9-time Olympic gold medalist Mark Spitz. He won 7 of his gold medals at the 1972 Munich Olympics, all won with world records.

The swimmers with the second highest number of gold medals in California are Matt Biondi and Aaron Peirsol.

Biondi has won 8 Olympic gold medals in 3 Olympic Games and set a total of 12 individual world records during his career. Peirsol, also a three-time Olympian, has 5 gold medals. He has set the 100m backstroke world record a total of 6 times and the 200m backstroke world record 7 times during his career.

Together, they total 13 Olympic gold medals.

New Jersey, with its relatively small population of around 8.9 million in 2019 compared to 39.5 million in California, is small but powerful. The state is ranked No. 6 in the number of Olympic gold medals in the United States with 92 medals since 1896.

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This year, 17 years old Lydie Jacoby made headlines as Alaska’s first-ever Olympic swimmer. Then she won their 3rd gold medal in all sports since 1896.

Wyoming and North Dakota are at the bottom of this count. They have won 1 and 2 gold medals respectively since 1896.

Note that the individual Olympic gold medals were counted, as well as the team gold medals. For example, if a team won gold, in this data a medal would be counted for each team member.

Additionally, athletes were counted based on the state they were born in, not necessarily their hometown.

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