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The NHL trade freeze was lifted on Wednesday, ending a nine-day period where trades could not be made during the Christmas season, and the Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues immediately celebrated in swapping minor leagues Nolan Stevens and Will Bitten.

You have to start somewhere, right?

Not much had happened anyway. In the NHL, attention had focused so much on putting out the COVID-19-related fires that actual hockey activity was put on the back burner, even though there had been no freezing.

Each trade deadline has its own characteristics and the 2022 deadline – set for March 21 – will not be different.

Some years, depending on the number of teams that buy and those that sell, it is necessary to pay a premium to have a player. Other times you may be able to acquire a part at a relative discount.

But what’s complicating things this year is the number of teams that either have new GMs in place or are looking for new GMs and either have an interim GM or president of hockey operations to fill the void. .

That applies to four teams – five if you count the San Jose Sharks, where general manager Doug Wilson was medically absent from the team. But in Chicago, Anaheim, Montreal, and Vancouver, you have – in order – Kyle Davidson for Stan Bowman; Jeff Solomon replaces Bob Murray; Jeff Gorton replaces Marc Bergevin; and Jimmy Rutherford for Jim Benning. And for now, in San Jose, Joe Will is running the show.

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