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The preponderant role of boxing has withered during the last two Olympic cycles (London-Rio and Rio-Toquio) due to the drifts in the governance of the Aiba (International Boxing Association), an entity which was responsible for organize boxing at the Olympics. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) broke with Aiba, and the competition for sport only took place in Tokyo because a special council took care of it.

The storm between the two organizations having reduced slightly, Aiba tries to regain his prestige to take back the command of the organization of the Olympics. Take advantage of a valuable opportunity, the ongoing dispute of the Men’s World Championships, in Belgrade, Serbia.

The event kicked off on Monday (25), with 88 athletes from 67 countries registered. Brazil took ten boxers and started with victories: unanimously, Luiz Gabriel Oliveira (25 kg) defeated Tso Sing Yu of Hong Kong; and, by RSC (referee interrupted) in the third round, Wanderson “Shugar” Oliveira (67 kg) defeated Atichai Phoemsap of Thailand.

The president of Aiba, Umar Kremlev, is convinced that the championship, which runs until November 6, will represent a new milestone in the history of his entity. The protests are topical: 13 weight categories and, as an incentive for the competitors, a record award. The gold medal is worth US $ 88,000, the silver medal US $ 25,000 and the bronze medal US $ 13,000 each.

Independent expert Richard McLaren, responsible for the investigation report that reported irregularities to Aiba and raised suspicions of manipulation of the fighting results, is also present. He even took part in a meeting with the referees scheduled for the tournament, an occasion in which the speeches emphasized that the referees and judges summoned are committed to fair fights and transparent judgments.

Aiba decided to adopt white gloves in combat, replacing the traditional red and blue ones. Kremlev explained that they would symbolize a new beginning, justice and transparency.

Brazil, in addition to the boxers, is represented at the Worlds by Dr. Bernadino Santi and former president of CBBoxe, Mauro Silva, who will act as International Technical Officer, in charge of the inspection and the scale of the arbitration. fights.

The current president of the Brazilian confederation, Marcos Candido Brito, who took office in the middle of the first half of the year, argues that the organization is not abandoning the line of professionalism it has adopted and which is showing good results.

Among men, Brazilian boxing has surprised during the last three Olympics, with the conquest of two gold medals, one silver and one bronze. At the World Championships, there are seven (one gold, one silver and five bronze).

The Brazilian men’s boxing team have never managed to place themselves among the main forces in the sport, especially at the Olympics and world championships. Before the London-2012 Olympics, the sport’s only trophy was Servílio de Oliveira’s bronze medal at the Mexico-1968 Games.

He also captured a modest World Cup bronze medal in 1986, won by Hamilton Rodrigues. A glimpse of a change in level was sketched at the World Cup in 1986, when Everton Lopes snatched one gold and Esquiva Falcão another bronze.

From then on, the performance of the national team began to leave a feeling that something positive, although still in its infancy, was about to happen. With the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on the horizon, more public funds in sport in general, CBBoxe started spending more on international travel.

It has also invested in the rental of premises to accommodate members of the permanent teams in the preparation phase, ensuring that they are close to the training center to facilitate the activities of athletes and coaches.

The teams were guaranteed to benefit from four meals a day, with a simple but balanced menu. The CT has become a reference and a place of visits and training courses for those concerned (athletes, coaches and referees).

In addition, the selections also benefited from the support and advice of multidisciplinary teams, with performance analysis and technique correction.

On its website, CBBoxe also highlights as a positive factor the change of its headquarters in São Paulo to a more airy and spacious facility. She did not fail to point out that its main championships have been restructured and that the entity adopted the policy of distributing rings to cities that did not have adequate equipment.

Boxing is packed. It is not easy to come back from the Olympic Games, to rest for a few days and to resume preparations for the World Cup. Opponents were certainly faced with the same dilemmas.

The preparation cycle for the Paris 2024 Olympics will be the shortest in the history of the Games due to the postponement caused in Japan by the pandemic. Therefore, it is interesting to know the sacrifice of time and to enjoy the lesson.

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