World Karate Day: why is it celebrated on October 25?


The World Karate Day is celebrated every 25 october as the Okinawa Karate World Assembly (OGW) declared in 2005 to commemorate the sport practiced in more than 150 countries around the world.

The karate It is a martial art originating in the Ryuku Islands (Okinawa) and which began to be practiced in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century, more precisely in islas ryukyu, currently known as Okinawa Prefecture, within the framework of cultural exchanges between the Japanese and the Chinese.

Most of your movements They are based on Chinese or WuShu styles and to a lesser extent other disciplines in the Southeast, such as Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia. The first name received by this style was tuidi, tode o te, which means hand or fist.

This style appeared in the 17th century, when the inhabitants of the island wanted to protect the last king of Okinawa, knew ShoTai, and themselves from the invasion of the Satsuma samurai clan.

Following this meeting, the inhabitants soak up techniques from other styles such as judo and kendo, the subsequent techniques of Aikido. Over time, this martial art spread to Japan where it was called Karate-Do, but the kanji used were Chinese and the name meant ‘chinese hand“.

Many Japanese preferred to write it then in hiragana, that is to say to write it as it sounds and not in Asian symbology and then they translated it by the “empty hand“. Since then, Karate-Do has been known as the path of the empty hand, according to Buddhist beliefs..

Japan’s first karate club was established at Keio University in 1932, and clubs were opened at major Japanese universities within a few years.

Martial arts movies from the 60s and 70s increased popularity of martial arts around the world, resulting in karate schools around the world.

Karate is characterized by the use of punches and kicks, correctly combining strength, breathing, balance and posture. Some modern styles feature grappling, throwing, and pressure point attack techniques.

TO World Karate Day, different activities and championships are organized in which karate men of different ages and learning levels participate.

Karate’s long road to the Olympic Games

Karate’s road to the Games has been long and there have been several attempts to put the sport on the Olympic program since the early 1970s. Symbolically, it will make its debut in its native country, and the competition will take place in Japan. Budokan, the temple of martial arts.

The Nippon Budokan is still considered the spiritual home of martial arts, according to practitioners and fans, 50 years after hosting the first Karate World Cups in 1970. Opened in 1964 due to the Olympic Games, the Nippon Budokan is located in the Kitanomaru. Park, and has a capacity of 15,000 participants.

Many people at the Olympics will see karate for the first time, and that is why the organization has made an effort to ensure that those who see these fights understand what is going on.

“We’ll do our best and ask people to describe what’s going on. It is the best way to learn for the public. The markers will also be animated, so you can understand what they are doing “, explained the chairman of the WKF Arbitration Commission, Javier Escalante.

After the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and in agreement with the International Olympic Committee, the World Karate Federation has revised the classification system for karate competitions at the Olympic Games.

Before the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, it was announced that the top 40 athletes had secured their places. However, and following IOC recommendations, this decision was overturned to include missed opportunities that did not occur due to the coronavirus pandemic. The final list of the 40 athletes who achieve their place in the ranking will not be announced until May 2021.

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