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Brittany Bowe and Jordan stolz did what they were supposed to do on Friday. Erin jackson does not have.

As Bowe and Stolz won their second races at the Olympic speed skating trials in the United States, Jackson’s trip to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics may have escaped a bobble mid-race.

Jackson, the world’s No. 1 skater in the 500m, fired back with a misstep to finish with the third fastest time behind Bowe and Kimi Goetz. Jackson had hoped to get another skate, but officials at the Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee ruled against her.

With Bowe and Goetz qualified for both places in the women’s quota in the 500, Jackson has to wait and see if a third place is awarded to the United States. Another country could cede a place resulting in a reallocation.

“I feel like I screwed up,” Jackson said on American television with a rueful smile. “It’s definitely on me, but it would be great to get that new skate, especially not just to be ranked # 1 in the US, but # 1 in the world. It would be a little strange not to go.

All three skaters finished in the same order Thursday night in the 1000m.

Bowe, 33, was the first of the women on the ice as none of the top three went one-on-one. She clocked 37.81 seconds.

Jackson, 29, was in the next pair and the unusual swing on the back stretch melted his speed.

“I could hear someone, I think it was Brittany, say, ‘Get back to skating,'” Jackson said of Bowe, who has been his teammate since they’ve been rollerblading in. Ocala, Florida. “I was just trying to get all I could and get to the finish line and keep my fingers crossed.”


His time was 38.24. But Goetz, 27, was next. She came in 37.85 to clinch her Olympic spot in the 500 and 1000. The United States has just five places in total for women at the Games with two races remaining – the 1500, in which Bowe and Goetz are in. again the best contenders, and the mass start.

The American men are only guaranteed to have one competitor in the 500m in Beijing so far, and that will be Stolz, who clocked a time of 34.55 to break his second track record. Jun-Ho Kim of South Korea had the previous high of 34.59 set two years ago.

Stolz, 17, is the US record holder at 34.11, set on December 10. It is also the junior world record.

On Thursday, he set his first track record in the 1000, beating the 16-year-old mark held by the Olympic gold medalist Shani davis.

If enough American men double in the events for the American team to send a second participant in the 500, Austin Kleba, who had a time of 35.17, would get the go-ahead.

Stolz gained confidence through testing.

“I think I can make the top five at the Olympics,” he said. “If someone has a bad race or something, there’s always that possibility for a medal.”

A bad race is something Jackson now knows all too well. Her fate was on the line for over half an hour as she waited to see if she would get another chance.

“At the moment, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done along the lines of the rules to get her to participate in the Olympics,” said Matt Kooreman, the director of the US long track speed skating program. “It’s really kind of a win-win here at the Olympic trials.”

It turns out that Jackson’s competitiveness and integrity may have worked against her. There are some “protections” in place for medal contenders like her. If they are sick and cannot compete, they can apply to join the team. If they compete and have a mechanical breakdown or fall, they get a new slip.

Because Jackson stayed up and finished, she skated out from under the guards.

” Everything went well ; everything was going according to plan, ”Jackson said. “On the home stretch, I’m not really sure what happened. I lost my footing a bit, I almost fell, I saved him.

In hindsight, it cost him.

“Of course it occurred to me, maybe I should have sat down,” said Jackson, who also competed in roller derby. “I think it’s just a bad thing to encourage that. When it comes to a race like the 500, there should be special considerations – when it comes to such a small jet lag. “

Kooreman said he remembers people falling and being on national teams after skating again, but he had never seen anyone slip and miss a team.

“No one has the instinct to fall,” Kooreman said. “If you have a little slip, you just have to skate on it.”

He said there is a slip “in almost every race,” which is why a slip does not warrant skating again. “You run the risk of running re-skate after re-skate,” Kooreman said. “But it’s really tricky. It’s super unfortunate because Erin Jackson is just a complete class number and one of the best skaters we’ve ever had. To see this happen to him in particular is heartbreaking.

In 2018, Jackson was the first black woman to make a U.S. Olympic long track team. The former roller skating world champion only had four months of serious training under her belt when she entered the trials. She was 24th at the Olympics and was determined to see what would happen four years later.

On the recent World Cup circuit, Jackson won four of the eight 500s and set the US record 36.80 seconds in Salt Lake City in early December.

“She is the leader of the World Cup, it goes without saying that she is currently the best in the world,” said Bowe.

Jackson has another possible route to Beijing: Bowe or Goetz could give up their place in the 500.

“Each of them takes a look at their schedule and what works best for them,” Kooreman said. “The position I’m in, I don’t want to unnecessarily influence any of them.”

He added: “We don’t want anyone to think they’ve been pushed out of a position.”

ON ITS FIELD: Erin Jackson will need the help of her teammates

The final nomination date is January 17, and US Speedskating is not taking replacements for the Games.

“All I can do is wait and see if someone turns down their seat, then I could go,” Jackson said. “It’s really disappointing of course, but I’m not giving up hope just yet. Just a little maybe wait and see what rocks. We will see.”

Stolz also had a flawed run, but it was a lot less noticeable. Just like in the 1000, it had a little problem before the last turn and couldn’t capitalize as much as it wanted on the G-forces.

Without this error, Stolz said: “It would have been very quick.”

he joins Eric heiden and Emery lehman as the only 17-year-olds to be part of an American Olympic speed skating team.

Stolz is originally from Kewaskum, Wisconsin, and his parents were in the building as volunteers.

“It’s such a shame that the other parents can’t be here,” Stolz said. “It’s really nice to have them here, to see them make me the team. It’s kind of a big thing.

Kleba hopes it’s a big thing for him too. He needs enough athletes, like Joey Mantia, who is favorite in the 1500 and mass start and second in the 1000, to double and triple.

“My fingers are crossed,” said Kleba, who like Stolz was a young Olympian. “I have done everything I can until now. Whatever the outcome or the outcome, I am certainly happy with my performance.

Kleba said that although there is usually an overlap, due to the way the team qualified the second 500 meters “if our team were too full and they basically had to kick someone out of the team. , the second 500 meters would unfortunately be the first to start. “

Karen Rosen, who has covered every summer and winter Olympics since 1992, is a special contributor to

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