XFL Announces Partnership with Innovative High Performance Sports Company BreakAway Data


­BreakAway to help execute XFL technology initiatives focused on holistic player development

XFL will scout and further develop talent using BreakAway’s advanced technologies

In partnership with BreakAway, the XFL will be the first sports league to give athletes full access to own their performance data

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NEW YORK, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The XFL today announced a partnership with BreakAway Data (“BreakAway”), a high performance sports company that harnesses cutting-edge technology and data insights to help athletes and coaches optimize player performance, training, recovery and health. The XFL will use BreakAway’s full suite of consulting products and services, including its athlete data software (BreakAway mobile app), player biomechanics assessments (Field Labs), and athlete management system ( Stacks), to improve player development and technology strategy for the XFL. The XFL will also use BreakAway’s technologies in its next series of showcases, which will take place in six cities across the United States starting in June.

BreakAway will serve as an extension of the XFL’s enterprise technology team, helping to formulate and build a comprehensive next-gen player data strategy. This includes an advisory role in evaluating and onboarding new football technology partners that align with football operations. As part of this relationship, BreakAway will create new products powered by player data that will strengthen player development, drive peak athlete performance, and unlock unique fan engagement experiences.

“BreakAway is an industry leader in sports data, using best-in-class technology to turn intangibles into measurable ones and leveraging those results to enhance and enhance the player development cycle from scouting to time of game,” said russ brandon, president of the XFL. “The XFL has always been an innovative league, and we continue to invest in the latest technology to make the game of football even better. The ability to use player data effectively and efficiently represents a huge opportunity for us. We are looking forward to working with BreakAway and exploring new ways to improve our innovation initiatives in our league.”

During the XFL Showcase Series this summer, BreakAway will host high-tech, position-specific drills to highlight athletes’ strengths and ability to execute real football moves in game situations. All Prospects who participate in showcases will have their biomechanical data automatically uploaded into the BreakAway mobile app.

“As a league, we are committed to putting athletes first and preparing them for success on and off the field,” said Doug Whaley, Senior Vice President, Player Personnel, of the XFL. “Athletes should have full access to their data, and with BreakAway’s technology, all XFL players will be able to track their performance and progress in one place.”

Players making XFL rosters will have performance data streamed into their BreakAway app, which can save data from any source. Before and throughout the season, XFL teams will organize performance data using BreakAway’s athlete management system, Stacks, which connects to apps and gives players and coaches a modern engagement tool. , development and communication.

“The data we collect for athletes in the BreakAway app is their personal dashboard to measure progress and get the most out of themselves every day,” said BreakAway Data CEO. david anderson. “The era of athlete data ownership is long overdue. It’s only fitting that the XFL, a league known for its innovation, now gives players the ability to look deep within themselves and understand everything. on their performance through the lens of data. It’s a new way of doing things, a better way of doing things.”

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About XFL
The XFL ownership group, led by Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnsonand at Gerry Cardinale RedBird Capital Partners – is building a fast-paced, fan-driven, global professional football league with innovative rules and an enhanced 360° gaming experience. The XFL will bring world-class football entertainment, aiming to advance the game of football and expand opportunities for players when it launches in February 2023.

About BreakAway Data
BreakAway is a high-performance sports company that provides athletes with actionable, cutting-edge data insights through the BreakAway app (which connects to Stacks, the company’s coaching portal for teams). BreakAway not only collects biomechanical athlete data, but also places all forms of athlete data, regardless of source, at the heart of development and engagement, empowering players and coaches to optimize performance , health and daily improvements that create a winning culture. BreakAway is used by Power 5 Football Programs, NFL MVPs, Super Bowl Champions, NBA All-Stars, Olympic Gold Medalists, Professional and D1 Athletes, Elite 11, Under Armor Next and those who wish to become elite.

For more information, visit BreakAwayData.com and follow us on Twitter and instagram.

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