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In case you missed this little news, the 2022 Winter Olympics are fast approaching. Sports enthusiasts will soon tune in to watch athletes from around the world compete in some of the toughest winter sports around. If that’s you, and you want to know a bit more about the types of sports the Winter Olympics will feature, consider this a guide.

Here we’ll take a look at which events we can expect and which ones Australian athletes will be competing in.

winter olympic sports

Skeleton sledding event. Getty.

The full schedule of events is set for the Winter Olympics, with 15 different sports listed for the tournament. Here is a brief overview of each of them.

Alpine skiing

Alpine skiing is also sometimes known as downhill skiing and it is one of the best known winter Olympic sports. Athletes race down the assigned course, which is filled with jumps and turns. According to the Olympic website, “competitors regularly reach speeds of up to 152 km/h”.

Australians competing in this event include Greta Small, Katie Parker, Louis Muhlen-Schulte and Madison Hoffman.


The bobsleigh event is one of the three sliding sports of the Winter Olympics (the other two are skeleton and luge). Essentially, the sport uses a sled, with athletes inside, to race down an assigned course. This year we will see the new women’s monobob event as part of the bobsleigh competition.

Australian athletes competing in the sport of bobsled for 2022 include Bree Walker and Kiara Reddingius.


The biathlon event is interesting, it combines skiing and shooting. At the Winter Olympics, there will be 11 events as part of the biathlon competition.

These include:


10km sprint
20km Individual
12.5 km pursuit
15 km mass start
Relay 4 x 7.5 km


7.5 km sprint
15km Individual
10 km pursuit
12.5 km mass start
Relay 4 x 6 km


Mixed Relay 4 x 6km (W+M)

cross-country skiing

This event sees athletes go head-to-head in a challenge where skiers must traverse snowy terrain.

Australian athletes competing in cross-country skiing at the 2022 Winter Olympics include Casey Wright, Hugo Hinckfuss, Jessica Yeaton, Lars Young Vik, Phillip Bellingham, and more.


As the Olympic website puts it, “Curling is one of the most unique sports at the Winter Olympics – a sport that involves rocks, brooms and a ‘slider’, ‘grippy’ shoe”. The key here is that these stones are meant to be directed towards a certain mark, with brooms being used to control the directions of the stone along the way.

Dean Hewitt and Tahli Gill represent Australia in this sport.

Figure skating

Figure skating seeing athletes perform rhythmic routines on the ice. Events in the competition include Men’s Individual, Women’s Individual, Pairs, Ice Dance and Team event.

Brendan Kerry and Kailani Crane will compete in figure skating for Australia at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

freestyle skiing

Freestyle skiing involves a whole host of aerial tricks that get your adrenaline pumping and that’s why it’s such a popular sport at the Winter Olympics. As part of this competition, you’ll see events like Ski Cross, Halfpipe and Slopestyle, plus two new events in 2022: Men’s and Women’s Big Air Freestyle Skiing and Mixed Team Freestyle Skiing Aerials.

Abi Harrigan, Britteny Cox, Brodie Summers, Cooper Woods and Danielle Scott, among others, will represent Australia in 2022 for the sport.

Ice Hockey

Another very popular winter sport is ice hockey. We’ll go on and assume you’re familiar, but otherwise it’s basically a game where the goal is to get the puck into your opponent’s goal while skating across the ice.


Similar to luge, luge is another sliding sport at the games. According to the Olympic website, it is the fastest sliding sport with “athletes running at average speeds of 120 to 145 km/h”.

It’s a solo event and representing Australia, we have Alexander Ferlazzo.

Nordic combined

Have you ever heard of the Nordic handset? We neither. This event combines both ski jumping and cross-country skiing, making it quite a challenge.

Short Track Speed ​​Skating

This is a speed skating race where skaters compete on an oval ice track for first place.

Brendan Corey will represent Australia in this event.


Skeleton is another sliding event where athletes race down a frozen track on a solo bobsled while facing downward.

Australian athletes competing in this event are Jaclyn Narracott and Nick Timmings.


We are sure you know him. Athletes will navigate a course while traveling on a snowboard.

The Australian Snowboard Team includes Adam Dickson, Adam Lambert, Belle Brockhoff, Cameron Bolton and Emily Arthur among others.

Ski jumping

Ski jumping involved picking up speed and landing after taking off from a ramp. Things like jump length and style.

In the competition, there are 5 distinct ski jumping events:

  • Men’s Normal Hill Individual
  • Large hill individual men
  • Men’s team
  • Individual women’s normal hill
  • Mixed team

Speed ​​skating

Speed ​​skating is an ice sport like figure skating or short track skating. Athletes will go to an oval and compete for the fasting time. There are 14 events in the discipline of speed skating, including:


  • 500m
  • 1000m
  • 1500m
  • 5000m
  • 10,000m
  • Group departure
  • Team Pursuit


  • 500m
  • 1000m
  • 1500m
  • 3000m
  • 5000m
  • Group departure
  • Team Pursuit

When are the Winter Olympics?

It’s not long before the Winter Olympics kick off and we can see these sports in action.

The dates of the Winter Olympics are February 4 to February 20, 2022.

The events will take place in three competition areas, Beijing, Yangqing and Zhangjiakou.

Until then, you can keep up to date with Australian athletes, news and more on the Australian Winter Olympics website here. Read here to find out where to watch the Winter Olympics from Australia.

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